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  1. “The Backfire Effect” Is the Cognitive Concept of the Moment

    Listen to the podcast that inspired a popular comic about changing one’s beliefs.

  2. An “Open Apology” Gone Viral: Amy Rawe on Blogging, Community, and Dolly Parton

    A blogger reflects on a post read by millions in the short span of four days.

    Image by Kristopher Harris (CC BY 2.0).
  3. Sam Dylan Finch on Being Vulnerable, Creating a Supportive Space, and Going Viral

    A conversation with Sam Dylan Finch, a transgender writer and activist who blogs about queer and bipolar topics.

    Illustration by Jessica Krcmarik
  4. Serious Girlbosses: A Q&A with Writer and Costume Designer Katherine Fritz

    Katherine Fritz of I Am Begging My Mother Not to Read This Blog chats with us about the pressures of popularity, feminism and fashion, and whether her mother actually reads her blog.

  5. FCKH8’s “F-Bomb Princess” Video Is Exploitative

    Rebecca Hains dissects a viral video campaign: “Let’s stop debating whether we’re offended by little girls saying ‘fuck’ and focus on the heart of the matter, instead: by putting adult words into children’s mouths, FCKH8 is exploiting girls in this advertisement.”

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  6. The Day My Son Went Viral

    “The problem was that, for us, the matter had nothing to do with ownership: it was entirely a matter of privacy. We simply didn’t like our son being exposed to the world in this way.” Peter Williams describes his family’s viral video experience.