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  1. Illustrating Streets of the World: The Art of Jeremy Graboyes

    Meet J.S. Graboyes, an illustrator of streets and urban scenes.

    A street scene in London, England. All illustrations by Jeremy Graboyes.
  2. The Caffeine Chaser

    On her new blog, The Caffeine Chaser, Cape Town-based Mandie Swart explores the city’s vibrant café scene and her own coffee obsession, one cup at a time.

  3. Winnipeg Love Hate

    Photographer Bryan Scott documents the beauty and decay of Winnipeg, Manitoba, in equal measure at Winnipeg Love Hate.

    Photo by Bryan Scott
  4. Mabry Campbell Photography Blog

    Immerse yourself in the tones and textures of architecture and landscape in Mabry Campbell’s photography.

    By Mabry Cambell
  5. documenting the obvious

    Peter, a Berlin-based photoblogger, shares his atmospheric shots of urban landscapes, musical performances, and odd objects on his site, .documenting.the.obvious.

  6. theSTYLetti

    A collaboration of three fashion bloggers based in Seattle, Milan, and New York, theSTYLetti focuses on street style and the ways in which people use dress to express themselves.

  7. New York’s Elevators Define The City

    “This is a three-dimensional city.” At FiveThirtyEight, Oliver Roeder dives into the fascinating history of New York City elevators using a new database that lists every elevator in town.

  8. The Photography of Alejandro Ilukewitsch

    Photographer Alejandro Ilukewitsch’s blog features his gritty, visceral take on portraiture and street photography from locales around the globe, from Brazil and Mexico to Romania.

  9. J.S. Graboyes Illustration

    Illustrator J.S. Graboyes works primarily in pen-and-ink and watercolor and occasionally in charcoal and colored pencil. Graboyes explores urban settings and focuses on buildings and street scenes in and around Washington, DC — and beyond.

  10. Ephemeral New York

    Created by a magazine editor from the West Village, Ephemeral New York documents the ever-evolving Big Apple with photos, newspaper archives, and other artifacts. “Here, we remember forgotten people, places, and relics of the way New Yorkers used to live,” she writes.

  11. City Notes

    Daniel Kay Hertz, the writer at City Notes, is an MPP graduate from the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. On his blog, he writes about cities, housing and zoning, urban studies, and complementary topics like race and transportation.

  12. Can We Have a “Grown Up” Conversation About Scholastic Sports?

    Low-income urban schools have been forced to abandon athletics, says Delgreco K. Wilson: “We have entered into a new era in public education and as a result a new era in scholastic sports. The new era stands in stark contrast to the school-based programs of the past.”

  13. Freeway Takeovers: The Reemergence of the Collective through Urban Disruption

    “Even though the city is imagined as post-racial, California’s freeways still play an essential role in dividing urban space along racial lines.” Jael Vizcarra examines the freeway as a vehicle for protest and a marker of inequality.