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  1. Throwback Thursday: Five Favorite Posts from 2018

    What moved you in 2018? Share your favorite posts in the comments.

    Art by madebyfay
  2. When they Misgendered You at Your Memorial

    Sam Dylan Finch writes a beautiful and loving tribute to a transgender friend he lost to suicide. ‘“I blew glitter over their body just before they were cremated,” your mother tells me. And this is how you left us, anointed by the shimmering breath of your mother.’

    Photo by NaMaKuKi from Pexels
  3. It’s Not What You Think

    “It’s possible that, along with grunge, Generation X’s other great gift to society is depression.” In his tribute to Chris Cornell, Rich Larsen reflects on despair, aging, and his generation’s struggles with mental health.

    Image by Andreas Eldh (CC BY 2.0)
  4. Book Mark: Notes on Friends’ Grief

    After the children of three different friends commit suicide, Jan Wilberg reflects on the role of friendship in facing grief: “Not to presume, not to intrude, but not to forget either, not to go on as if nothing happened.”

  5. Mother and Daughter: An (In)Complete History of (Almost) Suicide

    “Suicide was not a ‘truth’ I held dear. . . . With help and effort, I have learned to distinguish between my own, actual beliefs and that other voice that is just a misfire occurring in my brain.” Amy Bee discovers that she doesn’t want to die.

  6. The Lumbersexual Proves That Masculinity Is In Crisis

    “You know this man. You’ve probably seen him drinking imported beer outside of a bar decorated with sheet metal and taxidermy… This man is the lumbersexual.” Does the death of the metrosexual and the rise of the lumbersexual herald a crisis of masculinity?

  7. I could just as easily be dead. Once, I sat on a bed asking my husband, tearfully but politely, if he’d mind sitting with me while I took all the Valium I’d saved up, because I thought I’d feel better if he were holding my hand when I died.

  8. It’s Not About You

    “We don’t get to pick the kids we raise. We don’t get to choose their height, their hair colour, their IQ, their skills, their goals, or their gender. It’s that simple.” Michelle at Because I’m Fabulous on parenting, supporting LGBTQ children, and Leelah Alcorn, a transgender girl who committed suicide.

  9. Amanda Bynes, Robin Williams, and Mental Illness

    Writes Sam Dylan Finch: “When celebrities have very public ‘breakdowns,’ we find them entertaining, sensational, intriguing. When celebrities die from these illnesses, however, we grieve for them…and profess our sympathy for their struggle.”

  10. Why Do Gay Porn Stars Kill Themselves?

    “We can ask ourselves, what are the specific pressures of being in gay porn? How can we make those pressures less of a burden?” Conner Habib publishes a thoughtful personal essay exploring why gay porn actors commit suicide.

  11. On Suicide

    “I wanted the proximity of his dying more than I wanted his suffering to end. I cannot, now, regret the hours and hours I prayed that he would live, even as I knew I was praying for his half life.” At Gukira, an essay on a cousin’s suicide — and a father’s life no longer worth living.