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  1. (Not) Talking About Our Big Goals: Readers Respond

    Readers share their thoughts on talking — or not talking — about big goals.

  2. An “Open Apology” Gone Viral: Amy Rawe on Blogging, Community, and Dolly Parton

    A blogger reflects on a post read by millions in the short span of four days.

    Image by Kristopher Harris (CC BY 2.0).
  3. Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace

    “I can’t f*cking remember the last time I pranced around a tropical island paradise waving a white scarf around my head as a professional photographer snapped a picture, but I bet if I did, I’d be a whole lot happier too.” A bit of life advice from Katherine Fritz: do whatever you want.

  4. Chasing the Unicorn: How To Make Money as a Writer

    The poet at Choose Your Own Adventure offers tips on how to succeed as a writer, from “writing a thing that Oprah likes” to simply marrying rich.

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  6. On the Problem of Wanting

    “I need to write these out because it’s the only way to be really honest about my uneasy relationship with success. The problem with success is that it just blows the roof off the wanting.” Writer Mandy Len Catron muses on her success — and the problem of wanting — at The Love Story Project.

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