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  1. Animals
  2. Margaret McCarthy Hunt Art

    On her blog and online portfolio, Margaret posts illustrations, sketches, drawings, and other forms almost daily. She works from her studio on the Savannah River and teaches across the Southeast US.

  3. Umanbn

    On his blog, Switzerland-based artist and designer Mark Hodgson sketches a variety of things, from buildings and street scenes to people and portraits.

  4. Art
    By Jane Hannah
  5. Illustrating Streets of the World: The Art of Jeremy Graboyes

    Meet J.S. Graboyes, an illustrator of streets and urban scenes.

    A street scene in London, England. All illustrations by Jeremy Graboyes.
  6. Home is a Cup of Tea

    Sketch artist and writer Candace Rose Rardon tells the story of her search for home through the different teas she has discovered while traveling.

    Illustration by Candace Rose Rardon
  7. Art
    By Tez
  8. Sketching Family

    The family that sketches together stays together! Parents Peter and Sabine and children Vincent (17), Lilli (15), and Richard (10) all share their art here. (Note: site is in German.)

  9. Tabitha’s sketchbook

    Revel in the color, shadow, and line of the landmarks and cityscapes that Tabitha documents in her sketchbook.

    Art by Tabitha
  10. Food
  11. Illustration
  12. André Mangabeira Art Blog

    André Mangabeira’s beautiful, dark paintings and sketches are accompanied by narratives in English and Brazilian Portuguese.

    By André Mangabeira.
  13. Sketch and repeat

    “Before they were published, they were just scribbles in a sketchbook.” New Yorker cartoonist Drew Dernavich shares the process from sketch to caption to publication.

    Art by Drew Dernavich
  14. Art
    By Nick Andrew
  15. Brushpark-Watercolors

    The watercolors and drawings of German artist Carsten Wieland are wide-ranging, from weekend sketches and seasonal scenes to abstract work and art inspired from his travels. Posts are in English and German.