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  1. Sunset From Killean

    It was a race against time (and tough terrain!) for James Collett to capture this lovely sunset in Killean, Scotland.

    By James Collett
  2. Nature
    Photo by Dawn-Marie
  3. Liam Dobson Art

    Liam Dobson’s website showcases the painter’s work in all its versatility, with a focus on textured landscapes of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he is based.

  4. Community Spotlight: Photoblogger Andy Moyle

    From landscape shots to architecture, a selection of Moyle’s recent Photo Challenge contributions.

    "To me, a perfect example of differing textures are lichens on tree bark." Andy Moyle's photo of lichen on the Formonthills, in Fife, Scotland. Posted in response to the "Textures" Photo Challenge.
  5. Ian Rankin

    The official site of prolific Scottish novelist Ian Rankin, most famous for his hard-drinking, rule-thwarting detective, John Rebus.

    Photo by Helen Simonsson
  6. Above the Clouds

    A stroll up a Scottish mountainside rewarded Ewan Mearns with a calming, majestic view across the clouds, captured in this beautiful photo essay.

  7. The Agony and Joy of the Great Scottish Outdoors

    Beautiful and unforgiving, Scotland’s countryside offers Alex Cochrane, a travel and history blogger, a chance to savor extreme emotions and masochistic bliss.

  8. Art
    By Dominique F. Cameron
  9. Kate Davies Designs

    Kate Davies, based in the Scottish Highlands, is a designer, knitter, yarn-maker, historian, and avid walker. On her site she writes about her wide-ranging interests, and shares tutorials and patterns for avid knitters.

  10. Terry Dresbach: An 18th Century Life

    Fashion history meets stunning photography and television trivia on the blog of Terry Dresbach, costume designer for the hit television series Outlander.

  11. Franki Raffles Archive

    The Franki Raffles Archive showcases the work of the late feminist social documentary photographer who captured the plights of working women. (Featured image copyright The Estate of Franki Raffles.)

    Photo © The Estate of Franki Raffles
  12. Landscape
  13. Bella Caledonia

    A Scotland-based online magazine featuring political commentary on issues of nationalism and self-determination in the British Isles and beyond.

    Current Events
  14. Why You Shouldn’t Have Existential Crises in the Rain

    “It took me a moment to realize I was falling.” A mind spinning out of control, a rainy day in the park, and a hard fall lead to laughs and lessons in this fun but insightful vignette.

    Personal Musings
  15. Paean To The Mountains

    Meditations on climbing by James Radcliffe: “The mountains and the journey of climbing are a living metaphor for me. A testing ground. They allow me to confront weaknesses in my game and character that are not readily available or apparent at ground level.”