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  1. StuART

    Stuart the Scottish Terrier captures his own self-portrait, then uploads it to his blog with the help of his “typist.”

  2. My Favorite Animal Longreads of 2016

    Pam Mandel from Nerd’s Eye View shares her favorite stories about animals from 2016.

    Photo by Pam Mandel
  3. A Woof is My Word For Love

    A family’s eternal love for their first pet: “Every tiny, beautiful memory of ours is a fort that protects him. Every time we talk about him, we give that fort a fresh coat of paint. Every time we utter his name, the fort’s doors open and the black boy comes running out, with his long tongue out.”

  4. A Farm Girl’s Life: On DIY, Crafts, and Finding Inspiration Everywhere

    The teenage blogger at A Farm Girl’s Life talks about her love for crafts and connecting with readers around the world.

    Photo (and all photos below) by Allison at A Farm Girl's Life.
  5. Why I Hate My Dog

    “In evolving with us for tens of thousands of years, maybe dogs became not just exemplars of happiness but, like humans, emotionally fragile creatures.” At Longreads, author Richard Gilbert paints a lighthearted portrait of Belle Krendl, his weird rescue dog.

  6. The Invisible Leash

    Companion animals, liberty, and responsibility: “Probably I saw in my leashless dog some symbolic manifestation of my own freedom, as I liked to imagine it. We were both rebels, a little bit, it felt like, as we walked along together, but separate.”

  7. Adventure Cats

    The featured felines at Adventure Cats live their nine lives to the fullest. From cat tales to pawsome reads, the site is a fun resource for people seeking ways to explore the outdoors with their furry companions.

  8. “She was the witness to every word I wrote that day as well as every word I’ve written and the many I have failed to write for fourteen years.” — Author Elizabeth Marro on writing and grief after the death of her dog, Chloe.

  9. Mimi Matthews

    From the evolution of Victorian fashion to tales of cats’ funerals, Mimi Matthews looks into some of the most fascinating — and quirky — corners of 19th-century history.

  10. Through It All, There Was a Dog

    “If a soul dog is an animal who accompanies you along this sometimes painful and often terrifying road, then clearly Thomas fits that description.” Writer Jen Bowman on how her dog helped her through a failed marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

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