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  1. Food, Art, Memory: Yaansoon’s Mediterranean Fusion

    A spotlight on an illustration portfolio site that channels the textures and flavors of a colorful, diverse region.


    Images from the food illustration portfolio at Yaansoon Illustration + Art.

  2. Yaansoon Illustration + Art

    An illustration site created by a “nomadic Mediterranean foodie,” Yaansoon is a colorful celebration of food, travel, and visual storytelling.

  3. The Uneasy Life of a Middle East Skeleton

    “So for those who knew, it must have been very strange that we have dead bones in our closet.” The Caspers are an American expat family in Cairo, Egypt. Jayson Casper tells the story of Max, the skeleton they’ve lived with, and explores a different view of death in Middle East culture.

  4. Photography
  5. Hanady Kitchen

    Tantalizing recipes from the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean and beautiful food photography are two excellent reasons to visit Hanady Kitchen.

    Photo by Hanady
  6. The Story of Brexit, in the Style of Mideast Reporting

    “Radical Protestant separatists have rocked the European Union, voting to leave the federation that had tenuously unified Christians belonging to opposed sects.” What if we wrote about Brexit the same way we wrote about the Middle East?

  7. Photo Essay
  8. Iain Akerman

    From parkour in Gaza to jazz in Addis Ababa, journalist Iain Akerman — who splits his time between London, Dubai, and Beirut — reports on underground subcultures in the Middle East and beyond.


    From Tangier to Tehran, REORIENT is a magazine celebrating Middle Eastern arts and culture, featuring interviews with creators and in-depth forays into local music, film, and contemporary art scenes across the region.

  10. “I Am Interested in Human Stories”: Iain Akerman on the Alternative Scenes of the Middle East

    Westerners often see the Middle East as synonymous with war and strife. Iain Akerman has devoted his career to uncovering the region’s multifaceted underground cultures.

  11. Quite Alone

    Quite Alone is the blog of writer, broadcaster, and freelance journalist Matthew Teller. Based in the UK, Matthew specializes in independent travel, tourism, and the Middle East. He writes for outlets and publishers like the BBC, CNN, Esquire, Rough Guides, and more.

  12. My Custard Pie

    Gloucestershire-born Sally Prosser has been living (and cooking) in the Middle East since 1995. Currently in Dubai, her excellent blog My Custard Pie is equal parts original recipes, cookbook and restaurant reviews, and Dubai slice-of-life.

  13. Chef in Disguise

    Sawsan, also known as The Food Doctor, is an orthodontist by day and passionate food explorer by night. Born in Palestine, raised in Jordan, and now living in the United Arab Emirates, she shares her favorite regional recipes along with a heaping helping of insight into Middle Eastern life and culture.