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  1. “We are superficially more connected than ever before but we don’t feel any better […]. It is up to us to realise self-love doesn’t stem from a selfie and emojis will never qualify as real emotions.”

  2. Hopper’s “Automat”

    In a guest post at Open Thought Vortex, Janet McCann invites us to inhabit Edward Hopper’s 1927 painting Automat:
    “Live in, liven this picture.
    Strike a match. Light up.”

    By Edward Hopper
  3. Is One Really the Loneliest Number? Five Bloggers on the Virtues of Solitude

    Five bloggers on the virtues of alone time, with photos from our recent “Solitude” challenge.

    Personal Musings
    A man sits alone in a church in Cremona, Italy. Photo by Marcus Puschmann at Streets of Nuremberg.
  4. The Alone: A Poem by Ann WJ White

    “I live alone in a house of people,
    Never noticed, never seen,
    The dust is my intimate friend.”

  5. The Eroticism of Placelessness

    Cody Delistraty on the intersections of loneliness, freedom, and romance: “What is missed, however, is the sense of belonging. When we sever ourselves from ‘home’ — that nebulous concept that tends to refer more often to people and memories than to brick and mortar — we find ourselves placeless and free, but also deeply lonely.”

  6. Is Social Rejection the Key to Creativity?

    Cody Delistraty on rejection, loneliness, and creative genius: “There is solitude, which can lead to meta-cognition and creative focus. But there is also, as van Gogh experienced off and on throughout his life, crippling loneliness that sets the artist back.”