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  1. 10 Ways My Life has Changed Since I was Diagnosed with a Primary Immune Deficiency

    “People don’t invite me places anymore.” “My hands are always chapped and ugly.” “I’m infantilized.” At The Gloria Sirens, Delaney Rose writes about living with CVID.

  2. A Year of Great Writing: The Most-Read Editors’ Picks of 2018

    From mental health to writing, these are the posts that have resonated the most with Discover readers.

  3. Ten Reasons Why Students Should Read Whole Books over Excerpts

    As the school year is kicking into gear in many countries, Cari White, a librarian in Texas, gives parents and educators 10 reasons to encourage young readers to tackle entire works.

  4. The Orangutan Librarian

    A bookish blog featuring recommendations, lists, and other literary-minded posts, The Orangutan Librarian stays true to its name with a banana-based rating system for reviewed books.

  5. The 99 Best Things that Happened in 2017

    Many might want to forget 2017 ever happened; at Quartz, Angus Harvey compiled a list of 99 things that might help salvage the image of the year that just ended.

  6. The 20 Best Albums of 2017 According to Bandcamp Daily

    Discover some of the most exciting, under-the-radar music of the past year, lovingly curated by the Bandcamp Daily team.

  7. Nickworthy

    Ohio journalist Nick Claussen publishes humor columns, thoughts on grammar, lists, and more on his personal blog, which has been hailed as “Somewhat legible!” and “Not Recommended if You Are Driving Heavy Machinery!”

  8. Hchom

    “Hchom” is the sound of something tasty being devoured. On her blog, Hchom, Canadian comic book artist Marian Churchland shares illustrations and comics of projects she’s working on, and things she loves and wants.

  9. For Biblioklept’s 10th Blogiversary, Ten Sets of Ten Somethings

    In 2016, Biblioklept — one of the best book blogs out there — celebrates ten years of quality reviews, interviews, and features.

  10. Gerry Canavan

    The web is big — so veteran blogger Gerry Canavan scours it to collect the best links on culture, politics, education, and more. Visit his blog for curated reading lists that range from must-reads to esoteric gems.

  11. List-Making Love: A Conversation with Things We Like Creator Jessica Gross

    Jessica Gross’ Things We Like started as a simple idea: Each post featured 10 specific things the author enjoys. It’s now an exhibit at the New York Public Library.

  12. What Makes a “Beach Book”? (Plus 44 Suggested Answers)

    Summer is finally here (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least)! So the team behind Nashville’s Parnassus Books delivers a list of recommended reads for the hot months, from humor and food writing to historical fiction.

  13. How To Become a Travel Writer in 20 Messy Steps

    “Become, accidentally, an early adopter of a practice that later becomes a juggernaut of marketing in travel, a thing called ‘travel blogging.’ Have a session proposal rejected by BlogHer…for being ‘too niche’ but later, present on that same topic at SxSW to a packed room.” 20 steps, courtesy of Pam Mandel.

  14. Scott Woods Makes Lists

    Scott Woods is a librarian, author, poet, and critic who runs one of the most successful poetry open mics in the American Midwest. At Scott Woods Makes Lists, he compiles lists, writes mostly as a satirist, and comments on current events, popular culture, and other issues.

  15. To Those Who Have Touched My 21 Years of Life But Are No Longer A Part Of It

    “Our lives are touched by hundreds of people every single day. Life is…a mess of connections, of threads connecting each one of us together in some strange way, shape or form.” A list of thank yous from Brianna Woodward.