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  1. I finally took a social media break

    “I deserve to have a healthy relationship with social media. And I’m working on it.” Writer, producer, and director Nida Chowdhry shares insights on her social media use after deactivating her Instagram account.

  2. How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Site and Extend Your Reach

    Still haven’t tapped into Instagram? Here are quick tips to get the most out of the photo-sharing app.

  3. Ten Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

    Love Instagram? Here are 10 fellow WordPressers to follow on the world’s largest photo-sharing platform.

  4. “Little things — things that used to be simple and all my own — became packaged and delivered out into the world. My life was ready to be consumed.”

  5. Pretty Girls Don’t Get Less Than A Hundred Likes On Their Selfie

    The writer at Scattered Scripturient on the social media generation: “I define my worth by how many likes I get on a picture or a post, and the realization of that fact actually causes my stomach to flop.”

  6. Exploring #Vanlife and Writing About Social Media Celebrities

    A Q&A with Rachel Monroe, who wrote about nomads in a vintage Volkswagen: “The idea of incorporating longer stints of rootlessness, even if there is a home base to come back to, is something that appeals to both professional vanlifers and people who are watching the trend from afar.”

  7. Looking at others looking at you—and feeling able to control that gaze, even for a moment—feels like catching that glance of the you behind the you, at last.

  8. A Conversation with Photographer Joshua Allen Harris

    “The definition of photography is changing too and becoming more of a language: We’re attaching imagery to tweets or text messages, almost like a period at the end of a sentence.” Om Malik chats with Joshua Allen Harris about Instagram and photography.

  9. all-purpose and semi-sweet

    Hannah Nickerson’s unflinchingly honest look at her life — homesickness, relationships, eating disorders — is intimate and compelling. Her lilting musings are interspersed with gorgeous photos: an everyday life-turned-magazine cover.

    Personal Musings
  10. Instagram Problems

    “Who wants anything to be real? Humans live for fakery. Humans are unlike the other creatures of this world because of language, which makes it possible to represent what is not in the world, and build communities and societies around these representations.” Brian Droitcour comments on two essays about the banality and fakery of Instagram.

  11. A Conversation with Cole Rise

    At Pico, Om Malik chats with San Francisco-based photographer Cole Rise on technology, visual storytelling, memory, and taking and viewing images in the age of mobile phones. “Photos are stories. I don’t care about the visual. It’s more about what it says.”