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  1. winter storm: haiku

    winter storm – / a train without a whistle / blows past the house

  2. For the Love of Haiku

    Check out these five poets who favor the form.

  3. Monsoon Haiku

    Bengaluru, India-based yogi and writer Bernie Gourley captures the city’s volatile monsoon weather in a series of free-form haiku: “trust old people | with umbrellas more than | the blue in the sky”

  4. Haibun: The Feather

    “You were once the pinnacle of aviation engineering, now less purposeful than you appear.”
    Read a haibun from Marina Sofia at findingtimetowrite, in response to Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets.

  5. haiku.blog

    Web developer Ben Dwyer has published a new haiku every day since March, 2015 — more than 1,000 days. Visit his archives at haiku.blog, where his march towards 2,000 haiku is already underway.

  6. The Arrow

    Haiku and photography by Melinda Green Harvey: Don’t be fooled by that / arrow: everything that counts / is on the other side.

    Photo by Melinda Green Harvey
  7. In A Natural World

    Melinda J. Irvine offers solace in the form of a haiku: when things seem crazy / stillness and simplicity / will allow silence

    Photo by Melinda J. Irvine