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  1. I’ve been thinking

    Teri Carter recalls her grandmother’s disfigurement and Otto Warmbier’s death as she considers those who abuse their power and the true meaning of liberty.

  2. Mom’s Lessons

    After her mom’s cancer diagnosis, a daughter reflects on her mom’s joyous approach to the time she has remaining: “This faith is a gift from my mother and very likely, my best lesson.”

  3. Parenting Books I Need To Read

    Dorky Mom Erika is preparing to write parenting books for real life: “Baby Girl ripped the page out of the book about positive discipline. Minutes after I corrected her, she used a crayon to scribble in the book about the defiant child.”

  4. Ellie on the AT

    Baby Ellie is the youngest person to thru-hike all 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail! She made the trip with her mom Bekah and her dad Derrick. Read all about their amazing adventure!

  5. How Do You Say “I Love You”?

    How do you show your love for family, friends, and community?

    The Bell Tower in Winnipeg's North End neighborhood. Photo by Greg Littlejohn.
  6. His First Real Camera

    Like father, like son: Rob Moses’ love of photography has taken root in his son, Cameron, age six.

    Photo by Rob Moses
  7. Teaching My Kids to Survive in ‘Merica

    A mom reflects on preparing her 12-year-old sons to fly alone, to grandma’s house in today’s America: “I thought we would at least get to girls before we got to guns. But this has been an extraordinary year, full of violence and bigotry.”

  8. A Few Mavens of Wisdom: What They Offered Me

    “She remains a champion of a deliberate, thoughtful life and now encourages others to do the same.” Cynthia Guenther Richardson writes about women of wisdom, including her 89-year-old mother-in-law.

  9. The Men from Town

    Memoir by Ryan Van Meter: “This is the first time I’ve heard my brother make language do something surprising, and I smile because I know that he doesn’t realize his words are beautiful.”

    Photo by Donald Macauley CCBY SA 2.0
  10. Still Life

    Georgina Blanchard recalls the stillbirth of her son, Charlie Showman: “It had never occurred to me that my baby would be anything but healthy.”

    Photo by sindykids CCBY SA 2.0
  11. The Short History of Instant Noodles

    “Or maybe, ‘delicious’ has nothing much to do with the taste itself. Maybe it has more to do with memories.” Hanny Kusumawati on instant noodles that taste like home.

  12. The Wolf Will Survive: A Conversation with Author Vanessa Mártir

    An interview with writer Vanessa Mártir on being unmothered, her brother’s death, and her connection to the wolf.

    Illustration by Kjell Reigstad.
  13. When the Heart Breaks

    Vanessa Martir’s harrowing memoir of her brother’s birth and death: “I think my brother first died when he took his first hit of heroin.”

    Resolving Brooklyn by Lars Plougmann CCBY
  14. Life Without Power Steering or How a Muslim Family Parks

    A memoir by Sam Pierstorff at The Normal School: “My mom was Muslim. We all were or tried to be. But she was the best at it.”

  15. “Apparently I Almost Died as an Infant” Club

    “Eventually I was born, looking similar to a monkey, with thick black hair covering my head, shoulders and back. In other words, a healthy Russian baby.” A personal essay about one’s birth and family — and bond with her father.