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  3. Don’t Look

    A former museum assistant unearths drawings in an old, tiny sketchpad, kept in the pocket of a blazer during shifts in the galleries.

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  5. paulmakesart

    An online gallery by artist Paul Ayres, showcasing drawings and paintings, portraiture of celebrities and notable people, and a style that experiments with lines and digital art.

  6. “Jumble City”

    You could spend hours poring over Chris Fraser’s intricate Jumble City and still not absorb all of its fine details. But don’t let that stop you from trying!

    By Chris Fraser
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  8. Brushpark-Watercolors

    The watercolors and drawings of German artist Carsten Wieland are wide-ranging, from weekend sketches and seasonal scenes to abstract work and art inspired from his travels. Posts are in English and German.

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    Sketch by John Hofman
  10. Back To Basics With Art and Illustration

    “Once you let go of any judgement and faithfully transport what’s in your mind onto the page, that’s when you discover who you really are.” Writer and illustrator Millie Ho candidly describes her creative process.

  11. Make Crappy Drawings

    Michael Babwahsingh embraces crappy drawings: “And if you’re afraid your drawings don’t look like the stuff you see online or in fancy books or that people will make fun if they see them, who cares? All that matters is that your drawings make sense to you….”

  12. How One Math Teacher Engages Students through Humor (and Bad Drawings)

    Whether you’re going back to school or graduated years ago, you’ll enjoy this stick-figure-filled conversation with Math with Bad Drawings blogger and UK-based math teacher Ben Orlin.

  13. The Past Is Gone: A Poem

    “Silence makes music / perceptible; perhaps / sadness makes life.” Words and images come together on The Doodling Poet’s blog, like this poem on the creative power of sadness.

  14. Matthew Midgley Illustration

    From single ingredients to entire meals, UK-based illustrator Matthew Midgley uses drawing to celebrate and tell stories about food and the culture around it.

  15. My Exaggerated Life

    At My Exaggerated Life, a dad blog-meets-webcomic, a father shares stories about family life in comic form, often with a generous layer of dry humor.