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  2. Where Street Photography Meets Dance: The Portraits of Omar Z Robles

    Photographer Omar Z Robles documents ballet dancers around the world.

    Photo Essay
    Courtney Stohlton in Puerto Rico. All photographs by Omar Z Robles.

    Photographer and social media influencer Omar Z Robles is known for his unique aesthetic of street photography, capturing dancers on the streets who tell stories through movement. He is an official Fujifilm X-Photographer and has a massive Instagram following.

    Image by Omar Z Robles
  4. One night — one of those nights when the world breaks –I said to friends: I need to dance. Watch that I don’t do anything crazy. And I danced. The dancing did not fix the world, but it made the brokenneness a little more bearable.

    Current Events
  5. The Dream of the Dance: Janet Jackson’s Early Music Videos

    “Each gesture is a glyph in an elaborate alphabet of steps and angles, slaps and smacks.” At Open Space, Maxe Crandall reflects on how choreography, identity, and politics come together in Jackson’s iconic music videos.

    Image by J0 Anna CC BY-SA 2.0)
  6. Dear Dance

    One dancer’s thank you letter to the medium that taught her compassion, expression, and self-love.

    Personal Musings
  7. Breaks, Flares, and Blockades

    “Formed primarily as a reaction to the harshness of life in Gaza, the group has attempted to forge a new lifestyle for itself and for the teenagers it teaches in the Nuseirat refugee camp; one that is based on peace and love rather than violence.” Iain Akerman profiles Camps Breakerz, a breakdancing crew in Gaza.

  8. Gary Ng Photography

    Gary Ng is an architect and self-taught photographer, born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He specializes in shooting the performing arts and has a passion for capturing movement, lighting, and choreography.

  9. Fieldwork in Stilettos

    For anthropologist Kat Richter, life is fieldwork — and this fun and funny blog is where she documents hers, writing about everything from dating to DIY to dance.