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  1. Illustrating Streets of the World: The Art of Jeremy Graboyes

    Meet J.S. Graboyes, an illustrator of streets and urban scenes.

    A street scene in London, England. All illustrations by Jeremy Graboyes.
  2. Heart in a Brown Paper Bag

    “I’ve discovered that a city, while you’re vacationing there, behaves similar to a person on a really good first date.” Los Angeles writer Ze Luiz at StripSearchLA describes his first visit to Seattle, Washington.

  3. Places and Spaces, Imagined: The Art of Paul Dobraszczyk

    The art of Paul Dobraszczyk explores responses to places and spaces, both real and imaginary.

    "Armada" (2016) by Paul Dobraszczyk
  4. Paul Dobraszczyk

    Manchester, UK-based researcher, artist, and photographer Paul Dobraszczyk is interested in visual culture, the built-environment from the 19th century and on, the urban future, underground spaces, print culture, and industrial architecture.


    "Underground City" (2007)

  5. Berlin Typography

    The blogger at Berlin Typography shows how a city’s soul is found in small details like the fonts used in its streets and lovingly documents signs, storefronts, and other texts embedded in the urban landscape.

  6. State of Being: Envisioning California

    “California, the best of it, is what lives and prospers in a liminal, unnamed space—somewhere between dreams, disappointments, and recalibration.” Lynell George describes how California — Los Angeles and San Francisco — moves through you.

  7. Documenting a City, One Photo at a Time: Winnipeg Love Hate

    Photographer Bryan Scott documents both urban renewal and decline at Winnipeg Love Hate.

    Canada Day at The Forks. (All photos by Bryan Scott. All rights reserved.)
  8. Architecture
  9. sqwabb

    Reporting from the streets of Vancouver, Canada, Stanley Q. Woodvine writes about the challenges of homeless life, as well as on personal interests like anime and computers.

  10. Granola Shotgun

    At Granola Shotgun, architecture buff Johnny focuses on how we all live in and occupy our landscape, from rural towns to cities. Interested in themes of urbanism, adaptation, and resilience, he explores the good, the bad, and the ugly — everything is fascinating to him.

  11. Bus 75: Hidden Portland

    The #75 TriMet bus explores the great unknown of Portland, stretching close to 20 miles with 131 stops. At Bus 75: Hidden Portland, photographer Geoffrey Hiller and writer Tom Vandel document the diversity, gentrification, and ongoing change in the “back pockets” of the city.

  12. Walking While Black

    At Literary Hub, Garnette Cadogan writes about his move from Jamaica to the US — and how he had to relearn the subtle, dangerous art of navigating city streets as a black man.

  13. New York’s Elevators Define The City

    “This is a three-dimensional city.” At FiveThirtyEight, Oliver Roeder dives into the fascinating history of New York City elevators using a new database that lists every elevator in town.

  14. Belgrade, Belgrado, Beograd

    “Belgrade doesn’t seem to notice that 44 times is a lot of times to be razed to the ground. It continues regardless. If anyone is going to destroy Belgrade, it will be Belgrade itself.” Impressions of a city both compelling and strange.


    NewBallpark covers “the never ending quest for a proper home for the Oakland Athletics,” but it’s so much more than that. It’s about how pro teams operate in cities, and how cities must navigate a difficult financial situation.

    Photo by allaboutgeorge