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  1. Seasonal Site Spruce-Ups: Take a Lesson from Food Bloggers

    Give your site a little end-of-year glitz (and boost engagement) with tips and tricks from the masters of holiday engagement.

  2. One More Christmas

    Blogger Ann is especially grateful to have one more Christmas with her beloved dog, Lucy. “And the fact that Lucy will get at least one more chance to find the special present that Santa Dog left under the tree will just make this Christmas that much sweeter.”

    Photo by Ann Coleman
  3. Let’s Talk About Rudolph

    “Now I may be but a simple commoner, a man not all that familiar with aerial sleigh travel and the visibility restrictions that may or may not come with it, but I’d think that if a reindeer were born with a built in headlight, that reindeer would be one heck of a catch.”

  4. Art
    Illustration by Myfanwy Tristram
  5. Shoot That Frog: A Christmas Comeuppance

    “‘He’s coming down the chimney soon,’ Father grumbled, his hand caressing the barrel of the Frog Shooter on his lap.” At waltbox, Walt Walker writes a fictional account of a comedically dysfunctional family Christmas.

    Photo by Global Panorama
  6. On not writing Christmas cards

    Helen Hayward on not writing Christmas cards: “I’ve always struggled to describe an entire year in a hundred words inside a Christmas card. I find it even harder this year. Because this year it’s clear to me that my life isn’t going to plan.”

  7. Hater’s Guide to Christmas Music

    “Bethlehem is 2,500ft above sea level and 20 miles from any large body of water. You didn’t see three ships. You’re up a mountain.” Andy Doe is really not into most popular Christmas music.

  8. Health
  9. Getting Stuffed at Christmas: Sage

    Did you know that sage, as a member of the mint family, is considered medicinal? “Sage is singular good for the head and braine, it quickeneth the sense and memory, strengtheneth the sinews…” –John Gerard, 1597

    Photo courtesy of the Manchester Museum Herbarium
  10. Grendel as Grinch

    An Old English epic poem meets a modern tale, courtesy of Ross Peter Nelson at The Heretic’s Mirror.

  11. Art
  12. Milk Bottle Memories

    For the last ten years, Christmas has been a time of bittersweet memories. An awkward amalgamation of emotions… But a person’s death is no more tragic because it happens on a certain day or at a certain time of the year. It only seems it because we, the living, mark occasions — the good, the bad — the Christmases, the deaths — with memories.

  13. I Don’t Know If This Is a Christmas Story

    “Later that day, I rang my Mam and told her this story. She might well have been a contemporary of this woman. I voiced my surprise that, in such an unforgiving time, that family had taken a lost child to their hearts and made her one of their own.” At 140 Characters is Usually Enough, Donal O’Keeffe shares a different kind of Christmas tale.