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  1. Inktober – Day 17 — Graceful

    We loved this whimsical interpretation of the Day 17 Inktober theme, “Graceful,” by Belgian artist Dernhelm.

    By Dernhelm
  2. Art
    Cartoon by John Atkinson
  3. You should’ve asked

    An enlightening cartoon about why “you should have asked for help” is the worst response for the spouse who carries the “mental load” of not only being chief caregiver, but also chief household organizer.

  4. Animals
  5. Cartoonist Drew Dernavich on Humor, Craft, and Drawing for The New Yorker

    A conversation with award-winning cartoonist Drew Dernavich, who was involved with two book projects recently, including his first children’s book.

  6. Art
  7. Drawing with the Wrong Hand: The Work of John Atkinson

    John Atkinson, a cartoonist from Ottawa, Ontario, draws with the wrong hand. Read more about his process — and take a peek at his work, which you’ve likely seen around the web or in the pages of Time magazine.

  8. Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Returns to the Comics Page

    “Just getting an email from Bill Watterson is one of the most mind-blowing, surreal experiences I have ever had. Bill Watterson really exists? And he sends email? And he’s communicating with me?” Stephan Pastis talks about his comic strip collaboration with Bill Watterson.