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  1. Book sniffing note: Slanguage, by Bernard Share

    At Sesquiotica, James Harbeck revels in the memories of the scents of his books: “The way books smell matters.”

  2. Welcome To My New Netflix Show

    “The joy of purging? Ha ha no way Marie Kondo, we’re here to talk about the joy of binging! Binging my new Netflix show, of course. And also stuff. So much stuff.”

  3. Because We Can’t Get Enough of Books

    Your next favorite book awaits you!

    Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels
  4. Parenting Books I Need To Read

    Dorky Mom Erika is preparing to write parenting books for real life: “Baby Girl ripped the page out of the book about positive discipline. Minutes after I corrected her, she used a crayon to scribble in the book about the defiant child.”

  5. Scotiabank Giller Prize

    Founded in 1994, the Scotiabank Giller Prize recognizes excellence in long form and short form Canadian fiction. At $140,000, the Giller Prize is the largest literary prize in Cananda.

  6. The Power of Reading: Readers Respond

    Responses to author Ann Morgan’s reading project, “Postcards from my bookshelf.”

  7. An Essay Gone Viral: Blogger Stephanie Land on MAID, Her Forthcoming Memoir

    Stephanie Land, the writer at, announces her forthcoming memoir, MAID.

  8. Maud Newton

    Home of the essayist and author (The Awl, Harper’s, The New York Times) who’s working on a new book about the science and superstition of ancestry.

  9. Ann Neumann

    Home of journalist Ann Neumann, author of the forthcoming book The Good Death:
    An Exploration of Dying in America.

  10. The Egg Tally

    “So it wasn’t the eggs, I’ll try to remember. It was the act of collecting the perfect oval eggs and the broken, bloodied ones, too. It was the work that gave her meaning.”

    Image by Meg Stewart CCBY
  11. New York Review of Books

    An independent journal since inception in 1963, the New York Review of Books is dedicated to book reviews, thoughtful commentary on public affairs, and criticism.

    Photo by Curtis Perry. CCBY