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  2. Jewel in the Jungle: Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs

    Deep in Panama’s rainforests, wildlife blogger David (aka the Incidental Naturalist), fulfills a childhood dream: to see the strawberry poison-dart frog in its natural habitat.

  3. Incidental Naturalist

    From hummingbirds to whales, animals strike curious poses on wildlife blog Incidental Naturalist, where David, a travel-loving photographer, shares his stunning shots.

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  5. Community Spotlight: Photoblogger Andy Moyle

    From landscape shots to architecture, a selection of Moyle’s recent Photo Challenge contributions.

    "To me, a perfect example of differing textures are lichens on tree bark." Andy Moyle's photo of lichen on the Formonthills, in Fife, Scotland. Posted in response to the "Textures" Photo Challenge.
  6. Nature on the Edge

    At Nature on the Edge, Liz Hardman documents all the wildlife she sees around her in South Africa’s Western Cape, from zebras on the beach to foraging baboons.

    Image by Liz Hardman
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  8. UP Nature Photography

    Estonian photographer Urmo Parts’ nature photography is awash in saturated color and stunning detail. “The person who presses the shutter makes the picture, not the gear.”

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  10. Eiwawar

    French photoblogger Samuel Bloch, an avid birdwatcher and hiker, is based in Finland. He chronicles his adventures around the Nordic countryside in photo essays on his blog.

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  12. Incidental Naturalist

    Connecting people to nature, David, an avid photographer, traveler, andĀ observer of wildlife, brings these passions into his blog, complete with stunning photos of the animals he sees.