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  1. A Historical Walk in the English Lake District

    “It’s been a poignant, thought-provoking journey, punctuated by two monuments: one to a way of life; one to life extinguished; and both inextricably bound to the mountain.” In this longread, George Kitching guides us over the Coniston mountains in the English Lake District, diving into the history and culture of the area.

    Photo by George Kitching
  2. Eating in Vietnam. Also, a Travel Companion.

    “Vietnamese food must always have balance. There is bitterness, there is sourness, there is the pain from heat, but there is also sweet. This is the goal of Vietnamese food: to have all the emotions of life in one bite.” Antonio Perez describes his culinary adventures in Vietnam with vivid, sensory details.

  3. Heart in a Brown Paper Bag

    “I’ve discovered that a city, while you’re vacationing there, behaves similar to a person on a really good first date.” Los Angeles writer Ze Luiz at StripSearchLA describes his first visit to Seattle, Washington.

  4. On a Tunisian Souk

    As blogger Erin writes, you can only truly get to know a place once you understand “the beauty it hides in small bites and in plain sight.”

    Photo Essay
  5. Home is a Cup of Tea

    Sketch artist and writer Candace Rose Rardon tells the story of her search for home through the different teas she has discovered while traveling.

    Illustration by Candace Rose Rardon
  6. Exploring #Vanlife and Writing About Social Media Celebrities

    A Q&A with Rachel Monroe, who wrote about nomads in a vintage Volkswagen: “The idea of incorporating longer stints of rootlessness, even if there is a home base to come back to, is something that appeals to both professional vanlifers and people who are watching the trend from afar.”

  7. At the Edge of the Old World

    “I realised you cannot simply leave the desert behind.” James Dee Clayton documents his transformative time in Senegal in an extensive collection of photographs.

  8. Lisbon in twelve years, twelve pictures, twelve stories

    Verne at Jules & Verne writes about Lisbon, Portugal — the city he’s lived in for 12 years. Fittingly, he weaves 12 accounts with 12 accompanying pictures and popular Portuguese sayings from these 12 years in and around Portugal’s capital.

  9. Leaving My Heart in Havana

    “It’s been a long time since I’ve been completely enraptured by a city but Havana has all the elements that make it happen — history, art, architecture, beauty, kind people, heart, heat, spirit and music . . . so much music.” Kelly at Compass & Camera takes us on a tour of Havana, Cuba.

  10. Eight Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your National Park Vacation

    The National Park Service is turning 100 this week! Here, nomadic couple and nature lovers Becca and Alex Foss offer their advice on enjoying the parks’ natural wonders while avoiding the crowds.

  11. Gimme a Break: Why We’re Making the Switch to Part-Time Travel

    “Even the most hardcore nomads may need to put down some roots — roots that can be as shallow or as deep as you choose. We’re learning to accept that we’re not ‘failures at travel’ for feeling that pull too.” Nomad Kristin Snow reflects on balancing downtime with adventure.

  12. Walking While Black

    At Literary Hub, Garnette Cadogan writes about his move from Jamaica to the US — and how he had to relearn the subtle, dangerous art of navigating city streets as a black man.

  13. The Train

    “The newness will wear off though . . . and one morning, you will wake up and realize that you exchanged one mundane reality for another.” A chance encounter with a traveling Dutchman transforms a young woman’s life in this true tale on the rails.

  14. The Last Time I Saw You (Part Four)

    Brenna Holeman writes about the fleeting moments of travel: “It’s simple to fall for someone when you travel. Thrown together in strange situations, unbridled and uninhibited, perhaps we’re much more open to connecting with someone. We’re not necessarily thinking of the tomorrow.”

  15. Photo Essay: A Sunrise Run in Baja California

    “There’s my heart beating. There’s warmth. There’s red. There’s orange. There’s that fiery reminder that all things in nature reset.” Nick Triolo shares words and images from Todos Santos, Mexico.