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  1. Freewheeling through Rural Andalusia: The Via Verde of Seville

    See who photographer Tim Ginty meets on his 20 km bike ride through the Sierra Morena mountains in the Andalusian region of southern Spain.

    Photo by Tim Ginty
  2. Notes to self

    It’s easy to lose track of time on Ranga Rohini’s site, where visual storytelling takes multiple shapes, from striking monochrome photography to sketches based on her wanderings around Chennai, India.

  3. The Agony and Joy of the Great Scottish Outdoors

    Beautiful and unforgiving, Scotland’s countryside offers Alex Cochrane, a travel and history blogger, a chance to savor extreme emotions and masochistic bliss.

  4. poor gays on holidays

    The group of twentysomething friends behind poor gays on holidays report back from their shoestring-budget adventures, and share ideas for LGBTQ-friendly travel experiences.

  5. Architecture
  6. fourth generation farmgirl

    On her farming-and-lifestyle blog, Virginia-based Tonya shares tips on raising chickens and sheep, talks wine and travel, and tells stories from her daily life.

  7. The Better Places

    Three editors — from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland — share their personal travel stories and recommendations about where to go, what to eat, and where to stay. “It’s about great food, hotspots, hotels, bars, design, and culture.”

  8. Mimo Khair Photography

    Shanghai-based photographer Mimo Khair is interested in people, cityscapes, and architecture, but whatever she shoots is infused with her keen sense of composition and storytelling.

  9. Mark Johanson

    Travel, food, and culture writer Mark Johanson is based in Santiago, Chile, and has written for publications such as Newsweek, GQ, the Guardian, CNN, BBC, and Lonely Planet. He also photographs people, nature, and landscapes from his travels.

  10. Architecture
  11. Animals
  12. Haylsaway

    Hayley and Kyle are traveling through Europe in a converted camper van, cameras at the ready. Follow them as they explore untrafficked corners of the continent and go above and beyond for the perfect shot.

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  13. See America By Rail: Some Lessons From 2016

    “Now, on the cusp of 2017, I wish that more Americans had taken more trains.” An author learns that traveling with people through towns and across the country on the ground creates a very different experience from just flying over them.

  14. “They are in my life because of a confluence of coincidence, but also fundamentally because I moved from comfort.”

  15. Travels with My Art

    Art, sketches, and images by Ali Dunnell, an artist, photographer, and teacher living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.