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  1. “WordPress and blogging gave me a voice, a voice that reached a vast amount of audience which otherwise would not have been possible.”

  2. I have to assign meaning to the problem, and understand its implications before I can begin to imagine a solution. Design is a language that is greater than the sum of its visual parts. Design begins with words.

  3. Without a relationship between your hands, eyes and your idea, you remove an element of humanity. You forget the shoes that scruff, fingers that leave smudge marks. The space will never remain stark and its users will all be imperfect.

  4. It’s safe to hate on Uber, because we know they are evil. The challenge is not tweeting something supportive when it happens at a company you hate. It’s how you react when it happens in a company that you’re invested in, to someone sitting right next to you.

  5. “Will we need certifications for neural networks as fit for driving a car or flying a plane? Will an algorithm have to get a driver’s license? Will we trust the creators of the algorithms to not game that testing system?”

  6. “The reality is that all biology and technology is built upon the concept of ‘copying.’ Everything from single cell organisms, to our DNA, to manufacturing, to emergent technologies. Copying is ‘the’ feature, not a bug.”

  7. “If you are making a work of art in any area of life, you are not going from a known point A to a known point B. You are inventing point B.”

  8. Looking at others looking at you—and feeling able to control that gaze, even for a moment—feels like catching that glance of the you behind the you, at last.

  9. When little Tommy has the ability to pop in contact lenses to play in a virtual world and doesn’t come out of his room for a month, that generation of parents will express the same type of concern their parents did about spending time on Snapchat.

  10. He died while I was off Facebook, and news had not reached me by any other channel. But there it was. Out of nowhere and without warning my browser was haunted by the very real presence of death. Momento mori.

  11. “I want robots to do my bidding as much as the next guy, but our history with labor-saving robots has been sketchy at best. We’ve been here before and there are lots of predictably bad outcomes from automation.”

  12. “My perception is that much (but not all!) of Silicon Valley is riddled with these sorts of people. Smartest in their class, impressive degrees, ability to ace whiteboard interview problems, but very little ability or desire to relate to teammates or even customers as human beings.”

  13. “Maybe I should just quit. Stop talking about diversity, just shut up about it. Go back to coding. I like building products better than being a broken record about diversity anyways.”

  14. . . . there are some important philosophical questions that are being ignored in the startup bonanza. The basic ethical question of whether society wants to be disrupted, for a start. Startup entrepreneurs treat societies and economies as raw material to be hacked.

  15. Google filters out serendipity in favor of insularity. It douses the infectious messiness of a city with an algorithmic antiseptic. What is arguably the most important way of looking at a city, as a public space shared not just with your pals but with an enormously varied group of strangers, gets lost.