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  1. After The Fall

    “We’re lucky. Those who face outwards have a permanent reminder of the desolation beyond the city and get regular jumpers past their balconies. People don’t jump on our side.” Dive into dystopian flash fiction from Ben at Just Punch the Clock.

  2. A Terrible Day And A Tree

    “I’d rather not say how I came to know about Marcus’ terrible day or why I can detail the unsavory events that stuffed themselves inside of it.” The tale of Marcus’s terrible day is 100% fantastic and 100% true . . . or so this story’s narrator would have us believe.

  3. A girl’s story

    “But the boy had not been able to stop giving away the pieces of his heart, you see. And he had run out. There were none left to share with the girl.” A sad (and true) tale of depression, adultery, and divorce, made all the more moving for its simple storytelling style.

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  4. Shoot That Frog: A Christmas Comeuppance

    “‘He’s coming down the chimney soon,’ Father grumbled, his hand caressing the barrel of the Frog Shooter on his lap.” At waltbox, Walt Walker writes a fictional account of a comedically dysfunctional family Christmas.

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  5. We Laughed, We Cried, We Felt: The Posts We Loved in 2016

    Curl up with some tea and a comfy blanket, and revisit our favorite reads.

  6. NonBinary Review

    NonBinary Review authors reinvent classic texts, from Grimm’s fairy tales to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Their short stories, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art interacts with the original work to fill in blanks, extend the story, and offer a fresh perspective.

  7. Poured Out

    “It was his first day on his new job. He wasn’t very good at it.” In this short story, the main and only character’s easy job turns out not to be as slam-dunk as he expects it to be.

  8. The City Born Great

    “The City Born Great” is a short story from Hugo Award winner N.K. Jemisin: “I live the city. It thrives and it is mine. I am its worthy avatar, and together? We will never be afraid again.”

    Photo by Jules Antonio CCBY SA 2.0
  9. Perseids

    “Those who are unable to believe in the old ways go south, where life loses this rawness.” In the Tin House archives, writer Emma Cline publishes flash fiction, “Perseids,” set in Tasiilaq, Greenland.

  10. Penguin Roald Dahl

    On this Penguin site for the bestselling author, browse and sample new collections of Dahl’s short stories for adults: tales of intrigue, desire, greed, and fear. Discover Roald Dahl as you’ve never read him before.

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  11. Place for the Stolen

    “Like that one guy said: Good writers borrow, great writers steal. Welcome to the place where all things have been lifted, looted, and otherwise pilfered.” Daily short fiction, set with creative type and color, from Jenny Maloney.

  12. Hawai`i Pacific Review

    Hawai`i Pacific Review is a literary journal based in Honolulu’s Hawai`i Pacific University, and has been publishing quality poetry, fiction, and essays since 1987.

  13. The Perfect Stranger

    “That was that, a beautiful boy passing in and out of my consciousness. A rare solar event, spectacular to witness but never to be glimpsed again in this lifetime.” When you never actually meet, a perfect stranger always remains perfect.

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  14. Wild Ink

    On his blog, West Yorkshire-based novelist Richard Smyth publishes short stories and excerpts. His novels include Wild Ink, published in 2014, and his newest novel, Quays, which seeks backers through Unbound, the London-based crowdfunding publisher.

  15. Word Shamble

    Lynn’s short and flash fiction spans a variety of genres and topics but is always warm, richly detailed, and deeply human.