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  1. Make Wealth History

    On his blog, UK-based writer Jeremy Williams publishes on sustainability, global inequality, and the need to “use less, want less, and be more generous” to protect our planet and its inhabitants.

  2. Scientists Build an Animal Fart Database

    Do animals fart? Why, yes, yes they do, but you might be surprised to learn that some do not! The blog of National Geographic Education compiles teaching ideas and resources around flatulence in the animal kingdom.

  3. Building an Online Home: The Hub of a Science Journalist

    Explore the website of Julia Rosen, a freelance science journalist.

    Photo courtesy of Julia Rosen
  4. Big Night

    Jill Sisson Quinn’s essay, “Big Night” — on the process of adopting a child and her fascination with salamanders — was recently selected for the “Best American Essays 2016” anthology.

    Illustration by Phillip Taylor
  5. Futurism

    A leading web destination for the latest news, infographics, and videos on the science and technology that are shaping our future, from artificial intelligence and robotics to virtual reality.

  6. Charles Eisenstein

    Author and speaker Charles Eisenstein publishes thought-provoking essays on politics, current events, international issues, science, the environment, and more.

  7. Simple Scimum

    How are jellyfish born? Why does exercise hurt? Next time your (or someone else’s) curious kid stumps you with a science-related question, head to Simple Scimum for accessible, thoughtful explanations.

  8. Prison Ecology

    “Inmates live together in cottages, not cells; in every cottage lives a huset far, or ‘house father’ who is in charge of loading the wood into the home’s furnace.” Writer Jennifer Bowen Hicks describes Bastøy, an environmentally aware prison in Norway.

    Photo by yetdark
  9. Azimuth

    The official blog of the Azimuth Project explores mathematics and physics, earth science and biology, computer science, and more. The blog is focused around what scientists and others can do to help save our planet.

  10. Rationalising the Universe

    Mekhi and Joseph lower the barrier to entry of science with in-depth but accessible explorations of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and the philosophy of science.

  11. You Are Not So Smart

    The weekly podcast with David McRaney explores the ways we develop an undeserved confidence in human perception, motivation, and behavior. “The central theme of You Are Not So Smart is that you are unaware of how unaware you are.”

  12. Moss and Fog

    Ben VanderVeen loves art, design, technology, and nature. At Moss and Fog, he curates and shares gorgeous images and stories around these topics from the far reaches of the web.

  13. Why I Work with Mice in the Research Lab

    Science, animal testing, and ethical research: cancer researcher Courtney Thomas works with mice in her lab — and thanks them each for their service.

  14. How One Math Teacher Engages Students through Humor (and Bad Drawings)

    Whether you’re going back to school or graduated years ago, you’ll enjoy this stick-figure-filled conversation with Math with Bad Drawings blogger and UK-based math teacher Ben Orlin.

  15. Princeton Election Consortium

    For the politics- and stats-obsessed, Princeton Election Consortium, a site run by Sam Wong since 2004, specializes in poll analysis and data-driven election forecasts.

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