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  1. Letter to a Christian Climate Skeptic

    A thorough, well-reasoned, and data-supported response to American Christians who deny the reality of climate change, from theologian and scholar W. Bradford Littlejohn.

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    Drought land
  2. Merry Christmas from Bethlehem.

    Life in the shadow of a wall: a beautiful collection of images in and around Bethlehem, Palestine, from photographer David Feuillatre.

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  3. The Truth Isn’t Relative, But You Are

    A call for perspective in religion, and in life: “And no matter how right you actually are, you’re still operating on the same level as anybody else — a person with five senses, a brain, a life partially lived, and all of that very, very finite.”

  4. The Binding of Isaac and a Call to Argue

    What if we’re making the wrong assumptions about the biblical story of Isaac and Abraham? What if it isn’t about obedience at all, but Abraham’s willingness to engage with God about what he knows to be right?

  5. Conflicted Elector in a Corrupt College

    Art Sisneros, a Texas Republican and a member of the Electoral College, explains his decision to resign from the College on religious grounds ahead of this year’s vote.

  6. Women Without Hats

    Miriam Mandel Levi, a feminist in an Orthodox Jewish community, writes about a lifetime of struggling with the requirement to cover one’s hair and her ultimate decision to leave hats behind.

  7. “Let’s move into 2017 as a nation united; a nation which takes care of each other – regardless of the differences in our politics. Let’s remember that politics are ideas, but politicians are people.”

  8. A Proportional Response

    Have Americans given up on the idea of “proportional response”? Writer Dina Honour wonders why the price paid by some people for being non-white, non-Christian, or getting pregnant is so high.

    "Lady Blind Justice" image by Marc Treble.
  9. The Other Journal

    At The Other Journal, theology intersects with culture. Presented twice yearly by the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, it features writing on theology, politics, art, poetry, and more.

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  10. Muslim-Americans Respond To A Caustic Campaign

    “A few weeks before the election, Trump’s continued push for policies targeting Muslims weighed heavily on Abid’s mind. The first litmus test she has for a leader, she says, is ‘will you feel safe?’”

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    Ruby Abid -- Photo by Maddie McGarvey
  11. “Donald Trump is the image of the omnipotent God. The men who support him are affirming their right to rule in his image… This view is rooted in theology—very bad theology, but theology nonetheless.
    And this is why theology matters.”

  12. “What we do with our bodies manifests and expresses inner states, the sacred ground of our being. But bodily practices can also induce inner states. How we move, how we sit, how we breathe, can all make a difference in our spiritual life.”

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  13. Approaching Justice

    An online journal on religion and politics, Approaching Justice brings together writers and thinkers who try to make sense of modern American life through the lens of faith and ethics.

  14. Passing Time

    “I needed my sobriety to stand on its own, rather than ebbing and flowing with the tides of my fickle faith.” An unflinching essay on religion, self-image, and the writer’s complicated path out of addiction.

  15. “Christ is so much easier to handle. We can build fountains to glorify a god, but we have to give a thirsty man water. We have to accept that we might be culpable in his thirst. What would Jesus do?”