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  1. When Do Politics Decide Friendship?

    “The quicker we leave, the less chance we have for weaving something better than all that politics has failed to deliver.” When it comes to friendship and politics, pastor J.S. Park encourages us to build — not burn — bridges.

  2. Portrait of an Eternal Romantic

    Love is blind, but can it also be deaf? A tale of romance, salad, and misophonia (aka, the aural sensitivity that causes some people to fly into a rage at the sound of chewing).

  3. “You are a decent-looking nice lady — there’s nothing wrong with your bait,” he declared. “Clearly, there’s something wrong with your hook.”

    Personal Musings
  4. Is One Really the Loneliest Number? Five Bloggers on the Virtues of Solitude

    Five bloggers on the virtues of alone time, with photos from our recent “Solitude” challenge.

    Personal Musings
    A man sits alone in a church in Cremona, Italy. Photo by Marcus Puschmann at Streets of Nuremberg.
  5. Back to Your Roots: Blogging About Genealogy and Family History

    Genealogists are coming together this week at RootsTech, a conference exploring family history and technology. Here’s a look at a few genealogy blogs on

    Photo by Patricia Greber, My Genealogy Life.
  6. On Success

    As the writer’s success as an author grew and grew, so did the abuse at home — until finally, she left the man who she loved, but who couldn’t allow her to succeed.

  7. A girl’s story

    “But the boy had not been able to stop giving away the pieces of his heart, you see. And he had run out. There were none left to share with the girl.” A sad (and true) tale of depression, adultery, and divorce, made all the more moving for its simple storytelling style.

    Mental Health
  8. Things I Never Told Her

    At Granta, Marian Ryan pens a longform essay on rationalizing abuse, the vulnerability of the body, the failures of compassion, and being stalked on Facebook.

  9. from something larger

    “there wasn’t much to it
    the smell of mornings rain
    on a steamy street”
    A slip of paper, a relationship failing, a short poem.

  10. “Besides, being single, married, or anywhere in-between should have no bearing on whether or not we pursue the things that make us happy.”

  11. The Ultimate Data-Driven Guide To Weddings

    At FiveThirtyEight, Walt Hickey commissioned a poll to solve, once and for all, the thorniest wedding-etiquette conundrums (including plus ones, who to invite, and who’s expected to pay).

  12. A Proustian View on Being Unfollowed

    How do we really feel when someone unfollows our blog or our Facebook account? In this personal reflection, Andrew Reid Wildman unpeels the “layers upon layers of emotion that can find themselves interwound with social media.”

  13. “But after the birth of our daughter . . . struggling for balance in our careers and adult lives and family responsibilities, I have come to understand both intimacy and marriage in new ways. Sometimes, intimacy isn’t closeness but distance.”

  14. Undone

    “A relationship of a paper receptacle
    With its four corners, glued folds
    A flap that awaits closure
    With many words waiting to be
    A poem by Elan Mudrow.

  15. ILY

    ILY is a web magazine that explores the broad theme of love from multiple angles and through a wide range of genres, like essays, poetry, and interviews.