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  1. The Greatest Soup In The World

    What’s the most delicious soup ever created? It’s a creamy seafood soup called Billi Bi, and the blog of the American Culinary Federation shares the recipe and its history, which includes American millionaires, Greek princesses, racing boats and, of course, chefs.

  2. A Half Baked Idea

    Blogger Livvy’s recipes and posts tell “the story of how I patched up a mummy-shaped hole in my heart with pastry, bread dough and icing.” She pairs photos and recipes with quirky, candid, relatable stories about life and love.

  3. Rachael Ray

    The official website of culinary TV personality and author Rachael Ray — home to over 5,000 recipes.

  4. Four Pounds Flour

    Author and historic gastronomist Sarah Lohman writes about the fascinating and complicated history of food and flavor in America, with a particular interest in immigrant food cultures.

  5. The Cookbook Life

    At The Cookbook Life, architecture student Nikita Kunder shares delicious recipes and photographs so tantalizing, you wonder how they taste.

    Photo by Nikita Kunder
  6. Hanady Kitchen

    Tantalizing recipes from the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean and beautiful food photography are two excellent reasons to visit Hanady Kitchen.

    Photo by Hanady
  7. Dark Food to Die For

    Need a recipe for bleeding heart cupcakes? Zombie mouse brains? Ghoul-ash? Welcome to the devil’s kitchen, where everything is “100% edible…and 99% disgusting to look at.”

  8. “The More You Work on It, the Easier It Gets”: A Conversation with Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman

    One of the web’s most successful food bloggers talks about her writing voice, holiday cooking, and more.


    All-butter pie crust. Image by Deb Perelman / smitten kitchen.

  9. A Baby Is Born (Plus a Butternut Squash Soup Recipe)

    At My Jerusalem Kitchen, food blogger and mother Lauren Wilner shares her daughter Nava’s birth story — followed by a nap-friendly soup recipe.

  10. ginger & chorizo

    Lydia’s food stories and recipes are shaped by the three cultures she’s called home throughout her life — follow the food from Macau to London to Berlin.

  11. Cashew Kitchen

    Vegetarian food that’s easy to cook, affordable, healthy, environmentally friendly, and stunningly beautiful — from Agnes’ tiny Stockholm kitchen. Posts and recipes are published in English and Swedish.

  12. Chocolate for Basil

    At Chocolate for Basil, Jerrell and Eric publish recipes of beautifully prepared vegetarian dishes and snacks, desserts, and cocktails from a tiny Boston kitchen.

  13. Food
  14. Bunny Eats Design

    Genie, a freelance graphic designer from Auckland, New Zealand, is obsessed with food and bunnies and lives by the mantra “eat well, travel often.” Join her for stories, recipes, food photography, and Tofu — her adorable lop-eared rabbit.

  15. Retro Recipe Attempts

    “Tasting the fare of yesteryear, the disastrous and the delicious.” Looking for a recipe for puddin’ cookies, Watergate Salad, or Frankie Doodle Dandy — with wonderful historical context? Look no further!