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  1. My Favorite Animal Longreads of 2016

    Pam Mandel from Nerd’s Eye View shares her favorite stories about animals from 2016.

    Photo by Pam Mandel
  2. The Rise of the Crowd-Sourced Syllabus

    From the Trump Syllabus 2.0 to the Native Lives Matter Syllabus, crowd-sourced syllabi have popped up as resources for educators and readers looking for background about complex current events.

  3. An Open Apology To Dolly Parton 

    In a post that has gone viral instantly, author, editor, and book-loving mother Amy Rawe writes an ode to Dolly Parton’s community work and philanthropy, especially her efforts to promote childhood literacy.

    Image by Linda Stanley (CC BY 2.0)
  4. Lovecraft eZine

    The Lovecraft eZine, founded and managed by editor Mike Davis, focuses on weird fiction, cosmic horror, and the Cthulhu Mythos.

  5. How to Find and Support Trustworthy Journalism

    Journalist and independent-press advocate Josh Stearns offers a wide range of resources for readers looking for trustworthy media outlets in our post-truth, fake-news era.

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  6. The Gone Girl With The Dragon Tattoo On The Train

    “I was curious about more than just how often ‘girl’ books appeared; I wanted to understand who was writing these books, and the fate of the ‘girl’ in the title.” Exploring today’s book titles, Emily St. John Mandel asks: “Who are these girls? Why are there so many of them?”

  7. A Halloween Weekend Reading List

    A reading list for this spooky holiday, from pieces in GQ to Electric Literature.

    Photo: Allen
  8. Present-Day Witchcraft: Seven Stories About Witches

    Emily Perper compiles seven longreads about the modern rituals of witchcraft and how they inform our past.

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons
  9. Postcards from a Bookshelf: Connecting to Readers with Translated Books

    Each month in 2017, author Ann Morgan will send a translated book to a reader around the world.

    Photo by Ann Morgan.
  10. “Maybe banned books are such a problem because when your tokens of diversity are so limited, losing even one is a huge blow. So the solution isn’t saying ‘unban this book!’ The solution is to make more books like it.”

  11. Roald Dahl at 100

    September 13 is Roald Dahl’s birthday, and 2016 marks 100 years since his birth. To celebrate, here’s a reading list of seven longreads about the bestselling novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, fighter pilot, and British spy.

  12. If Mermaids Wore Suspenders

    Aubrey Leaman, the blogger behind If Mermaids Wore Suspenders, shares her passion for books and classical music in quirky posts that aim to bridge the gap between these two seemingly-disparate worlds.

  13. Nut Free Nerd

    Holly, a “bookish, nut-allergic girl,” publishes regular book reviews, top-ten lists on various topics, favorite quotes, and other literary-minded features.

  14. A Reading List for the Fourth of July

    In between bites of hot dog and sunscreen applications, read about police brutality, what the rest of the world thinks about the United States, one woman’s American wardrobe, and more in these longreads compiled by Emily Perper.

    Photo: Jeff Krause
  15. Celebrating Pride: Where Religion and Queerness Meet

    “Queer people of all faith traditions deserve to know that they are not alone and that they are loved.” At Longreads, contributor Emily Perper shares four stories exploring the intersection of religion and queerness.

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