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  1. For the Love of Haiku

    Check out these five poets who favor the form.

  2. 5 Tools to Format Your Poems During National Poetry Month

    Penning 30 poems over 30 days in April? Use these five tools in your editor to format your poetry.

    Poem above by Robert Frost. All poems in the post by Cheri Lucas Rowlands.
  3. Share Your Passion: A Writer (and New Blogger) on Finding a Community for Her Work

    “There is no writer’s block other than the will of the writer.”

  4. Poets on Borders: Perspectives at Poetry International

    Poets from around the world share their perspectives on borders.

  5. The Art of Featured Images: Visualizing the Flash Fiction at Just Punch the Clock

    Explore the flash fiction and stylized featured images at Just Punch the Clock.

    Various featured images at Just Punch the Clock, a site of fiction by Ben Reynolds.
  6. “To Plant Words, Not Seeds”: Four Poems for National/Global Poetry Month

    A selection of recent favorites from Discover’s poetry archives (and beyond).


    Image by Christy Bharath at verseherder.

  7. “I Once Had Promises to Keep”: Six Takes On the New Year

    Six bloggers navigate the transition from 2016 to 2017 with poetry, illustration, photography, and more.

    Personal Musings
  8. The Power of Words: A Selection of Poetry from 2016

    Journal and zine editors share some of the powerful work they shared in the past year.


    "teasel in b&w," by PaulaB at The Temenos Journal.

  9. Chaos, Control: Four Poems for Uncertain Times

    When there’s too much and too little to say, poetry often shows us the way.


    Photo by feelosophical, shared in response to the recent Daily Post photo challenge, "Chaos."

  10. Get Inspired for National Poetry Month

    Explore our poetry picks and resources to get inspired — and ready — for NaPoWriMo.

    Photo by Cheri Lucas Rowlands.