Poetry Filter
  1. Baring It

    “Over time, the body,
    when bitten enough,
    can build up a tolerance . . . ”
    Read the rest of “Baring It,” a poem by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer at A Hundred Falling Veils.

  2. Revisiting Discarded Post-it Poetry: An Idea That Sticks

    Melissa Kandel interviews sob, a poet who writes poems on crumpled post-it notes and leaves them in public spaces in Los Angeles, California.

  3. Pix to Words

    Patrick Jennings, an avid landscape photographer based in Vancouver, Canada, brings together images and poetry on his photoblog, Pix to Words.

  4. haiku.blog

    Web developer Ben Dwyer has published a new haiku every day since March, 2015 — more than 1,000 days. Visit his archives at haiku.blog, where his march towards 2,000 haiku is already underway.

  5. Kite (B)

    Poet Rob Hindle delights in watching a kite: “Each morning we watched birds a mile up / drifting in the frail sky, small as balloons / let go from a fair, sunlit and miraculous.”

    Photo by PEHart
  6. Recipe for Mornings After

    “Whip egg whites, expectations, preheat an oven  /  carefully cultivate delicate friendships with belligerent drunks.”

    Photo by meeralee via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)
  7. Hunger

    A beautiful poem about longing, by M.J. Arlett: “My hunger, an unanswerable question / as big as the sky.”

  8. beginnings ~

    We loved the simplicity and depth of tornadoday’s poem, “beginnings”: “it hardly seems / a moment passed / before the coming home / to understand / beginnings / have no end”

  9. Mytholmroyd 

    “I half expected to see her sashaying down the aisle of the train, all shimmering platinum between plush, navy blue seats.” A misheard train conductor and a flight of fantasy, captured in a poem.

  10. Poem For Children: Oughtabees

    A fun children’s poem about being yourself, by Rolli: “The oughtabees are circling! One’s sitting on my chin! Don’t listen to a word they say! Don’t let their poison in!”

  11. 8 AM Wednesday by Jill Tabot

    From Jill Talbot’s compelling poem, 8 AM Wednesday: “How are you? I am familiar with the question, but the answer always befuddles me.”

  12. Linebreak

    Linebreak is an established hub for powerful poetry, where a new poem has appeared — in both text and audio — every Tuesday since 2008.

  13. The Citron Review

    The editors at The Citron Review, who all met in the creative writing program at Antioch University of Los Angeles, share a passion for the short form — “powerful prose that packs a punch.” They publish poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction

  14. “For the City and These Long Decades Spent Wandering”: A Poem

    Jose Padua shares a prose poem on memory, politics, and domestic life: “And what lifts me from weariness and dread are the small things, not the grand recollections and gestures but the brief but glowing movements […].”

  15. Recording of “The Draft”

    Listen to Robert Okaji read his haunting poem, “The Draft”: “Yesterday I walked to the sea / and looking into its deep crush / sensed something unseen washing / out, between tides and a shell-cut foot”