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  1. “I Once Had Promises to Keep”: Six Takes On the New Year

    Six bloggers navigate the transition from 2016 to 2017 with poetry, illustration, photography, and more.

    Personal Musings
  2. Two Erasure Poems by Amanda Oaks

    “with eyes / so soft & / wandering / my claws / spill / wicked words.” (From an erasure poem by Amanda Oaks.)

  3. Landscape

    Image from "Focusing," by PaulaB at The Temenos Journal.

  4. The Power of Words: A Selection of Poetry from 2016

    Journal and zine editors share some of the powerful work they shared in the past year.


    "teasel in b&w," by PaulaB at The Temenos Journal.

  5. Fiction Builds Worlds; Poetry Breathes

    Brad Johnson on why you should be reading poetry: “…read the poet who at any given moment doesn’t so much take your breath away…but rather seizes it, holds it but for a moment, and returns it, changed into oxygen.”

  6. Conversations (I)

    “I have to learn quiet again, I told the yellow grass / By the library’s stone wall. The sun shimmered, / Not understanding. November Shrugged and disrobed.” Virginia author Jeff Schwaner shares a poem from his “Conversation” series.

    Photo by Ian Scott
  7. Birth rights

    “Now I walk to the lake and it’s become / something more, the lake…” William Pearse at pinklightsabre shares a personal, confessional poem.

  8. apt

    apt is a hybrid online/print literary magazine of essays, interviews, and poetry combining the visceral and the cerebral.

  9. In A Natural World

    Melinda J. Irvine offers solace in the form of a haiku: when things seem crazy / stillness and simplicity / will allow silence

    Photo by Melinda J. Irvine
  10. Poems on the University

    The language of higher-education procedure and bureaucracy in verse form, with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

  11. Chaos, Control: Four Poems for Uncertain Times

    When there’s too much and too little to say, poetry often shows us the way.


    Photo by feelosophical, shared in response to the recent Daily Post photo challenge, "Chaos."

  12. Movement: A Prose Poem

    In Leeza Petrov’s short poetic memoir, life zooms by from one address to the next, and childhood, friendship, and love leave marks both subtle and vivid.

  13. Letter to a Ghost

    “Your scent never lingers past sleep, where you remain. / At last I no longer covet those sheets you’ve shared.”
    A poem by Robert Okaji at O at the Edges.

  14. Haunted

    “she lay her thoughts aside,
    like a chapter at rest in an open book–”
    A poem from the writer and photographer at spanishwoods.

  15. Wings Clipped

    “I saw that ballet let me soar / into displacement, and yet it also let me breathe / like a hummingbird in jeweled brevity…”
    Literary zine Panoply nominates this poem by Rachel Dacus for a Pushcart Prize.