Poetry Filter
  1. The Missouri Review

    Founded in 1978, The Missouri Review is based at the University of Missouri and publishes four issues yearly. Each issue includes stories, poetry features, and essays, which are selected from among 12,000 unsolicited submissions sent from writers around the world each year.

  2. Chicago Review of Books

    The Chicago Review of Books wants to make the literary conversation more inclusive and highlights small and independent presses and diverse writers and genres, including those based in Chicago. It publishes book reviews, author interviews, and literary news.

  3. The Paris Review Daily

    The Daily is the blog of the Paris Review, the quarterly literary publication dedicated to culture and the arts.

    paris review header
  4. Granta Magazine

    Granta is a London-based literary quarterly that publishes a range of writing from Nobel laureates to debut novelists. In its themed issues, you’ll find fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and interviews.

  5. Guernica – A Magazine of Global Arts

    Founded in 2004, Guernica is an award-winning magazine focused on the intersection of global arts and politics, run entirely by volunteers.

  6. Hopper’s “Automat”

    In a guest post at Open Thought Vortex, Janet McCann invites us to inhabit Edward Hopper’s 1927 painting Automat:
    “Live in, liven this picture.
    Strike a match. Light up.”

    By Edward Hopper
  7. Matthew Zapruder

    The personal site of poet, translator, professor, and editor Matthew Zapruder, author of the acclaimed volume of poetry Come On All You Ghosts.

  8. David Walbert

    Writer and crafstman David Walbert publishes thoughtful essays, observations, poems, stories, and other formats on history, food and agriculture, culture and religion, education, and craft work.

  9. The Power of Poetry

    “Can anyone have this moment? Or is poetry only for some people — the smartest, the richest, the something-est?” At Nerdy Book Club, K-8 librarian Sarah FitzHenry recounts a school event with poet Kwame Alexander in which students discover the power of poetry.

    Photo via Nerdy Book Club
  10. Letting Go

    A poem by Hudson Biko:
    “Maybe we tell
    ourselves we’re
    letting go . . . ”

    Image by Stijn Swinnen
  11. The things I’d do 

    A poem about music and more:
    “it’s out of tune
    it’s been a while
    but the e isn’t
    it all lines up
    everywhere I’ve ever played
    is right here buzzing”

  12. Short Poems and Other Nonsense

    Short poems and writing by Christopher Mc Geown, on topics ranging from depression and relationships to family and society.

  13. Arabesque No. 1

    Prose poetry by Lillian Kwok: “At the lake we begin like birds, sitting on the water cross-legged. Until our hearts grow bolder and we walk on water.”

    Photo by Stephen Lightfoot
  14. Requiem II

    Beautiful poetry by Robert Okaji: Once I saw / a whale at dusk. Or rather I saw its / tail part the water and disappear / into darkness, an answer too complex / and sweet for tongues to comprehend.

  15. Four Way Review

    Four Way Review is a nonprofit, independent, biannual literary journal from Four Way Books, which publishes poetry and fiction from established and emerging authors.

    Photo by Antony Stanley