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  1. Share Your Passion: A Writer (and New Blogger) on Finding a Community for Her Work

    “There is no writer’s block other than the will of the writer.”

  2. The Arrow

    Haiku and photography by Melinda Green Harvey: Don’t be fooled by that / arrow: everything that counts / is on the other side.

    Photo by Melinda Green Harvey
  3. Poets on Borders: Perspectives at Poetry International

    Poets from around the world share their perspectives on borders.

  4. “an ocean”: A Poem by Charlotte Covey

    At Hawaii Pacific Review, a Charlotte Covey poem on writing, wonder, and danger: “you will never be / just a poem. you will / be rocks breaking / ribs, angelfish kissing / wounds.”

  5. Who Says Sorry

    Poetry by Rebecca Hazelton: The habit of sealing up sweetness, / of saving but never / tasting, isn’t lost / when the drones disperse, / and the queen is / left to starve.

    Photo by A.J. Cann
  6. Inspiration
    Image by Lizzie Ward
  7. Poets and Borders

    What does it mean to live on or cross the border? What does it mean to be a citizen? Are there borders beyond those that are geographic? At Poetry International, a magazine at San Diego State University, poets from around the world share their thoughts on borders.

  8. The Bucket Drummer

    From a poem by musician Thomas Brett:
    “but the thing about the beat
    that cuts through consciousness
    is its sameness
    which reminds you how here you are too
    walking by this corner again”

  9. Gun Shy

    From a poem by Michelle Leavitt:
    “and the old movies

    playing behind our eyes
    women checking, checking
    checking someone else’s moods
    as if that will help”

  10. The Art of Featured Images: Visualizing the Flash Fiction at Just Punch the Clock

    Explore the flash fiction and stylized featured images at Just Punch the Clock.

    Various featured images at Just Punch the Clock, a site of fiction by Ben Reynolds.
  11. A Recipe for Writing Poetry

    A poem about baking and writing from Carolin Messier: “As I roll the pin / across the fifth crust / of buttery dough / to fill fluted pans from France, / my fingers itch / to grasp instead / a pencil.”

  12. “To Plant Words, Not Seeds”: Four Poems for National/Global Poetry Month

    A selection of recent favorites from Discover’s poetry archives (and beyond).


    Image by Christy Bharath at verseherder.

  13. Jambo Robyn

    On her blog, Robyn Murray publishes poems and stories about random and ordinary things.

  14. I Want To Be Like Water

    “I wish I were water.
    That my words spilled out.”

    Miri Elm at A Short Conversation muses on why she wants to be like water.

    Personal Musings
  15. Five Poems by Liza Flum

    “One girl on Lexington
    squints down the block, wearing
    red lipstick and a WAR IS OVER
    T-shirt, OVER tucked under her belt.”
    Read a set of five poems by Liza Flum at Heavy Feather Review.