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  1. CancerRoadTrip

    “Because when the going gets tough, the tough go traveling.” #CancerRoadTrip is Pat Wetzel’s mission for health and healing.

  2. lauralanni

    Author, professor, and chemist Laura Lanni publishes personal musings and often short yet poignant posts on teaching, writing, motherhood, and more.

  3. Beach Books Blog

    Anna Iltnere loves the sea and loves books, and on Beach Books Blog she shares her journey toward writing a book about the sea in literature, as well as other marine-focused thoughts and meditations.

  4. Amsterdive

    Amsterdam-based actress Ana V. Martins shares personal musings and reflections on city life, with tips for visitors and locals alike.

  5. sqwabb

    Reporting from the streets of Vancouver, Canada, Stanley Q. Woodvine writes about the challenges of homeless life, as well as on personal interests like anime and computers.

  6. A Geek Girl’s Guide

    Michelle Anneliese, a self-described “Ravenclaw from District 13,” writes on various aspects of geek culture — from gaming and cosplay to Harry Potter — with a fresh, always-curious perspective.

  7. Born Again Minimalist

    Lifestyle blogger Caitlin has been writing about mindfulness, mental health, and finding and promoting greater focus since 2012, with posts on fashion, food, fitness, and more.

  8. Afros y Paella

    Initially a travel blog about a Black and African woman navigating life in Spain, Nneka Okona’s Afros y Paella has evolved into something larger: a space exploring how travel can be transformative.

  9. The Settlement

    On her site, novelist Katharine Tree takes readers behind the scenes of her writing and editing process, and shares posts about other passions like knitting and gardening.

  10. The Nice Thing About Strangers

    Paige M.J. Erickson captures serendipitous moments and beautiful encounters with strangers in this journal of her solo travels.

    Personal Musings
  11. maggy liu

    “Hello, my name is Maggy and this is where I embellish my rather ordinary life with hastily strung together words and pictures…” Maggy Liu is 100% unfiltered on her blog. Here, you’ll find poems and personal musings on life, love, and more.

    Personal Musings
  12. Ruby Pipes

    Personal, vulnerable creative nonfiction and poetry from Ruby Pipes, a recovering alcoholic, bipolar sufferer, and beautiful writer.

    Mental Health
  13. Lulu Writes

    Lulu has a lifetime’s worth of stories, and she’s pouring them out here. Find longform personal essays on everything from cancer to writing to fashion, and beyond.

  14. The Renegade Press

    Chris Nicholas is a popular blogger and fiction author based in Brisbane, Australia. At The Renegade Press, he publishes posts and longer essays on the joys and struggles of writing and blogging.

  15. Kate Davies Designs

    Kate Davies, based in the Scottish Highlands, is a designer, knitter, yarn-maker, historian, and avid walker. On her site she writes about her wide-ranging interests, and shares tutorials and patterns for avid knitters.