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  1. Thoughts on Belonging

    Writer and educator Monna McDiarmid, a Canadian based in Yokohama, Japan, reflects on her shifting sense of belonging to the various places she’s lived in.

  2. And, now, for the weirdest medical diagnosis ever.

    With humor and insight, Carol J. Pardun writes about the rare swallowing disorder she was diagnosed with — and what she’s learned from the process about herself and what she wants the next year to look like.

  3. Anticipation of the Year Ahead

    “I will continue to live in the moment and practice gratitude for every blessing I have: My family, my health, my freedom, my ability to follow my dreams and my quest to make a difference in the world even if it is small.” The blogger at thirdeyemom responds to a recent photo challenge, “Anticipation.”

  4. 30 Excellent Quotes from Powerful Women on Overcoming Failure

    From Maya Angelou to Tina Fey, StyleCaster collected 30 smart statements on recovering from failure, applicable to members of all genders.

  5. On not writing Christmas cards

    Helen Hayward on not writing Christmas cards: “I’ve always struggled to describe an entire year in a hundred words inside a Christmas card. I find it even harder this year. Because this year it’s clear to me that my life isn’t going to plan.”

  6. A Baby Is Born (Plus a Butternut Squash Soup Recipe)

    At My Jerusalem Kitchen, food blogger and mother Lauren Wilner shares her daughter Nava’s birth story — followed by a nap-friendly soup recipe.

  7. The Armored Coconut

    Marika Malaea reflects on being a brown white girl: “My whole life has been me thinking that I’m super incognito, when I’m actually the painted elephant in the room, whispering, ‘So what are we all staring at?’”

  8. I Would Rather Sit on a Pumpkin…

    Clara Lucille on solitude’s restorative properties: “And yet, for solitude to find its value, it must be broken. Solitude is most effective when it is short.”

  9. A Letter From My Daughters, and a Letter to Myself

    “We need our best people — people with integrity — to commit themselves to public service.”

    Photo via Hillary for America (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
  10. Adventures in Immersion

    On learning to speak French: “When you hear that sweet wobbly French from a tentative little face, the joy is nothing you have to manufacture. They understand! And they are understood. And that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to share with someone.”

  11. Movement: A Prose Poem

    In Leeza Petrov’s short poetic memoir, life zooms by from one address to the next, and childhood, friendship, and love leave marks both subtle and vivid.

  12. Book Mark: Notes on Friends’ Grief

    After the children of three different friends commit suicide, Jan Wilberg reflects on the role of friendship in facing grief: “Not to presume, not to intrude, but not to forget either, not to go on as if nothing happened.”

  13. Draw Two Circles, So Joined

    Melissa Matthewson on the beauty of contrasts: “I have no song but the everyday sound…a tractor’s distant rumble, the dog’s last growl, altogether a chorus important and worthy of remembering.”

    Trumpet by Ben N. CC-BY SA 2.0
  14. The Musical Map Of The United States

    It’s a “chart of human experience, unearthed through music.” Brooklyn Magazine presents a musical map of the United States, with a personal essay to accompany each representative song.

  15. Just Below the Surface: My Relationship With Alcohol

    “It stops today, I swear. Right after I finish this glass.” Danielle Dayney confronts alcoholism.