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  1. A Dash of Color: Four Crafts and DIY Blogs to Explore

    From homemade toys to party decorations, these sites inspire visitors to add a touch of whimsy (and good design) to their everyday lives.


    No-sew masks by Flax & Twine.

  2. Holiday Travel Nightmare, Reimagined as The Oregon Trail

    Author Rebecca Schuman had a straightforward family trip planned from Missouri to Oregon. The travel gods decided to make it a little more interesting (by which we mean, “incredibly miserable”).

  3. Simple Scimum

    How are jellyfish born? Why does exercise hurt? Next time your (or someone else’s) curious kid stumps you with a science-related question, head to Simple Scimum for accessible, thoughtful explanations.

  4. I Would Rather Sit on a Pumpkin…

    Clara Lucille on solitude’s restorative properties: “And yet, for solitude to find its value, it must be broken. Solitude is most effective when it is short.”

  5. A Letter From My Daughters, and a Letter to Myself

    “We need our best people — people with integrity — to commit themselves to public service.”

    Photo via Hillary for America (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
  6. Motherwell

    Motherwell tells all sides of the parenting story and is a space for parents to gather and think deeply: “The idea of a well conjures up images of community, of depth, of the essential nature of water.”

  7. My Egyptian Fortune Cookie

    Lisa Lim’s stepfather abducted her sister: “There was one mistress my mother called Saint Lena who swelled with compassion for my mother. She told Mohammed that if he didn’t give my mother back her daughter, they were over.”

    Image by Lisa Lim
  8. An ultrasound of a beating heart, at last

    “There was some kind of moment, some kind of epiphany that seemed intimately linked to an ultrasound—but one that was forever unnamed and forever not mine.” Kelly Westhoff reflects on motherhood and adoption.

  9. An Essay Gone Viral: Blogger Stephanie Land on MAID, Her Forthcoming Memoir

    Stephanie Land, the writer at, announces her forthcoming memoir, MAID.

  10. Love makes you fat 

    “But you know what? I have achieved more with this body, then I have with my old body. I’ve eaten more good foods. I’ve lived more, I’ve given more, I’ve enjoyed more. I’ve made life. This body, THIS body should be celebrated and admired.” Laura at The Mum on the Run shares her victory story.

  11. Free-Range Parenting Is a Privilege for the White and Affluent

    At The Establishment, Stephanie Land takes a hard look at the ways in which parenting choices intersect race and class, and explains why, as a low-income mother, she fears raising her daughter “free range.”

  12. “I should be able to ride one horse at a time, because I only have one ass. I fully realize that I can’t ride two horses at once, but just like my little boy, I want to.”

  13. “But after the birth of our daughter . . . struggling for balance in our careers and adult lives and family responsibilities, I have come to understand both intimacy and marriage in new ways. Sometimes, intimacy isn’t closeness but distance.”

  14. Radiant (or how not to give a spider a bath)

    The sweet story of how Charlotte’s Web and spiders in the washing machine helped one mom talk with her 7-year-old about death, loss, and making the most of the time we have.

  15. Remind yourself that a five year old is sixty months on this planet. Less than 2,000 days old. They’re still brand new people! No one has the right to whisper anything about college or careers to a child determined to conquer the monkey bars.