Nostalgia Filter
  1. Movement: A Prose Poem

    In Leeza Petrov’s short poetic memoir, life zooms by from one address to the next, and childhood, friendship, and love leave marks both subtle and vivid.

  2. Capturing the Eerie Beauty of Modern Ruins

    Is there anything spookier than the haunting beauty of abandoned buildings? In time for Halloween, we revisit these gorgeous shots of 20th-century ruins, and the bloggers who devote their time to documenting them.

  3. The Baseball Bloggess

    “Baseball was my Yoga, before Yoga was my Yoga.” Jackie Howell, the Baltimore Orioles fan behind The Baseball Bloggess, writes about the game and its rich history with a mixture of deep knowledge and humor.

  4. Retro Recipe Attempts

    “Tasting the fare of yesteryear, the disastrous and the delicious.” Looking for a recipe for puddin’ cookies, Watergate Salad, or Frankie Doodle Dandy — with wonderful historical context? Look no further!

  5. We Gather Our Past in Clutter

    “I’m not writing this as a crit for KonMari, who I think is absolutely awesome. I’m writing it in defense of having a home that doesn’t look like an office. A bit messy, a bit cluttered, and stack-full of memories.” Gipsika on hoarding and hanging on to the past.

    cans of paintbrushes on an artist's messy table
  6. Harvest and Honey

    “One part memoir and one part recipe bank,” Harvest and Honey, a Saveur Blog Awards finalist, is a fresh food blog with solid storytelling and vintage-styled photography accompanying bold, colorful recipes.

  7. Archaeogaming

    From analyses of Tomb Raider to posts on vintage consoles, Archaeogaming is a blog dedicated to the discussion of the archaeology of video games — and in video games.

  8. Inside the Last Pork Butcher Shop in Istanbul

    Freelance journalist Lorena Rios explores the dwindling Greek Orthodox community in Turkey’s largest city by telling the story of two veteran pork butchers who persevere in a politically-charged climate.

  9. Proton Packs Against Patriarchy: Why the Ghostbusters Reboot Works

    Joanna Di Mattia celebrates Ghostbusters with “reverse nostalgia”: “How great it would be to be a young girl right now, with the chance to see a big, bombastic film like this, with four funny, smart females at the helm.”

  10. Of Samosas Stale and Fresh

    A bite of so-so samosa leads expat L.G. Iyer down a path of memory, nostalgia, and the melding of old and new selves. “I reach for the second bite of my now cool and limp samosa and savor it slowly, knowing this is better than no samosa.”

  11. Abandoned, Not Forgotten: A Look at the Haunting Beauty of Modern Ruins

    A look at bloggers and photographers who document the disappearing traces of everyday 20th-century life.

    The Sattler / Broadway Theater in Buffalo, NY. Image by Liz at Peeling Walls.
  12. Recovered Memory: On Finding 200 Rolls of Lost Film

    Photojournalist Ron Haviv discovered 200 rolls of film he thought were lost. He reflects on how time and decay bring new meaning and poignance to the images — and his memory of the events.

    Photo by Ron Haviv
  13. Film Factor: A Spotlight on Analog Photography

    Before filters and faceswaps, film ruled the day. For these photographers, it still does.


    Photo by Alex Strehl.

  14. “Always Iconic, Seldom Ironic”: Pet Shop Boys, 30 Years On

    Three decades after their debut album, writer and Pet Shop Boys devotee Tom Hocknell tries to pin down the secret to the pop duo’s endurance.

    Image by Rob Sinclair (CC BY-SA 2.0)
  15. After The World Ends, What Next?

    “But we in the Rust Belt know that what follows the end isn’t always better.” In a personal essay on Youngstown, Ohio, Chris Jennings writes about nostalgia and whether or not a place can be saved.