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  1. The Baseline Scenario

    Launched in 2008, The Baseline Scenario explains the key issues in the global economy and develops concrete policy proposals. Authored by Peter Boone, Simon Johnson, and James Kwak, the blog has been cited by every major publication covering economics and finance.

  2. The Best of Tropics of Meta in 2016

    The editors at Tropics of Meta compile their favorite posts from 2016, on topics including architecture, hip hop, and politics — both tragic (the Orlando shooting, the US presidential election) and inspiring (struggles for social justice).

  3. Pulse shooting’s youngest victim left teammates with a mission

    At ESPN’s The Undefeated, journalist Timothy Bella tells the story of Akyra Murray, the youngest victim of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, and how her high school women’s basketball team in Philadelphia is honoring her memory.

  4. The Rise of the Crowd-Sourced Syllabus

    From the Trump Syllabus 2.0 to the Native Lives Matter Syllabus, crowd-sourced syllabi have popped up as resources for educators and readers looking for background about complex current events.

  5. Lebanon, USA

    Lebanese photographer Fadi BouKaram started a five-month road trip that will take him to every American town named after his home country. Follow his adventures at Lebanon, USA.

  6. Freakonomics

    At the online hub for Freakonomics, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner have expanded upon their 2005 bestselling book of the same name — with a blog, radio show, and more.

  7. Parachute journalism and rural America’s revenge

    “Democrats and most of the mainstream media ignored what was happening in rural America until the morning after the election. And they ignored it at their own peril.” Post US-election, Truevine and Factory Man author Beth Macy writes about the forgotten citizens of rural America.

  8. The Readiness Assessment

    “The Time of the Readiness refers to the time caretakers, social workers, probation officers all scramble to complete paperwork to prove foster youth are no longer dependents of the state. Yet, foster youth have already long learned not to depend. This is the first lesson.” Melissa Chadburn pens an essay on life after foster care.

  9. Standing Rock Syllabus

    Compiled by a group of Indigenous scholars and activists and settler/POC supporters, the #StandingRockSyllabus gathers reading material on #NoDAPL, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and Indigenous history in the United States in general.

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  10. The Baseball Bloggess

    “Baseball was my Yoga, before Yoga was my Yoga.” Jackie Howell, the Baltimore Orioles fan behind The Baseball Bloggess, writes about the game and its rich history with a mixture of deep knowledge and humor.

  11. The Brevity Podcast Episode #1

    The Brevity Podcast is now on the air! The first episode features interviews and readings from bestselling author Dani Shapiro and Brevity author and Pushcart Prize nominee Thaddeus Gunn.

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  12. Ruback

    A journalist makes a posthumous attempt to correct the record on firefighter Paul Ruback, 9/11 hero: “His death was tragic. His courage was heroic. This was a man, like any other. His life was his own.”

    (Photo by Howard Earl Simmons/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)
  13. Women in the World

    Women in the World shares stories of women on the front lines — from activists and artists to CEOs and entrepreneurs — who have enriched lives and shattered glass ceilings in every field.

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  14. Piquing Curiosity: The Blog of National Geographic Education

    The National Geographic Education blog is a resource for educators, offering ways to incorporate ideas into the classroom.

    Photo courtesy of National Geographic Education.
  15. Syria’s War on Doctors

    An underground network of medical workers and trauma surgeons in Syria, led by David Nott, aims to spread medical knowledge as the Syrian government strives to eradicate it.