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  1. What Is Music For

    Cellist Miranda Wilson on music’s sublime and subversive power, and the importance of music education: “Music is not a daily vitamin or a nasty vegetable that you have to eat before you can have ice cream. Music is worth studying because music is wonderful.”

  2. Top 40 Albums of 2016

    “For me, this list is the most important thing I write all year. While I enjoy all the various writing avenues I take, the ‘Top Albums’ list is really the end-all-be-all.” Andy Schroeder at Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs shares his annual list of top albums, including A Tribe Called Quest, Wilco, and more.

  3. Hater’s Guide to Christmas Music

    “Bethlehem is 2,500ft above sea level and 20 miles from any large body of water. You didn’t see three ships. You’re up a mountain.” Andy Doe is really not into most popular Christmas music.

  4. Urban Kultur Blog

    Steven, the award-winning blogger, vlogger, and podcaster behind Urban Kultur Blog, focuses on street art, dance music, and other aspects of underground culture in the UK (and beyond).

  5. The Northern Sessions

    Fill your ears at The Northern Sessions, a site showcasing over 50 live performance videos geared to promoting the music of artists in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  6. Looking Back, Looking Forward

    You can hear the possibilities inherent in a new day in Andrew Eales’ original composition for piano, Looking Back, Looking Forward, inspired by a tao meditation by Deng Ming-Dao.

  7. Bach: For All the Generations

    Breathe as needed. Observe rests. “Sound” advice, indeed. Singer Chris Gallant shares a close review of Omnes generationes, the fourth movement of Bach’s Magnificat.

  8. Leonard Cohen Has Left Us

    Tom Hawking on the death of Leonard Cohen: “It is one of life’s great ironies that wisdom comes only with experience, and it reaches its apogee just as we are deprived of the chance to use it. But Leonard Cohen, at least, has set his learnings down in words, and song.”

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  10. Music to Your Ears: Behind the Scenes at Bandcamp Daily

    Bandcamp’s editorial director talks about their blog, which fosters serendipitous discovery and community.

  11. The Musical Map Of The United States

    It’s a “chart of human experience, unearthed through music.” Brooklyn Magazine presents a musical map of the United States, with a personal essay to accompany each representative song.

  12. “Will we need certifications for neural networks as fit for driving a car or flying a plane? Will an algorithm have to get a driver’s license? Will we trust the creators of the algorithms to not game that testing system?”

  13. “The reality is that all biology and technology is built upon the concept of ‘copying.’ Everything from single cell organisms, to our DNA, to manufacturing, to emergent technologies. Copying is ‘the’ feature, not a bug.”

  14. “Wa-Oh-Wa-Oh”: A Closer Look at the Millennial Whoop

    Patrick Metzger’s essay tries to pin down the origin of the Millennial Whoop — that recurrent, incredibly popular “wa-oh-wa-oh” pattern used by everyone from Katy Perry to Green Day.

  15. Bandcamp Daily

    Bandcamp is a platform that brings together music makers and music lovers. On their blog, Bandcamp Daily, you’ll find stories about established and emerging musicians as well as product updates.