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  1. Building a Dream Community: Daybreaker and Its Inclusive Global Dance Floor

    Social entrepreneur Radha Agrawal launched a morning dance party, Daybreaker, that celebrates wellness, self-expression, and inclusion.

    Photograph by Scout Lab
  2. Documenting a Chaotic Mind: The Art of Gareth Jones

    British artist Gareth Jones has spent the last few weeks putting together Gaz Jones Art. In this interview, Gareth explores the impact of getting his art online, and how his work has helped with his mental health.

    'When A Hero Comes Along.' Oil, Acrylic and Bubble Gum on Canvas. 2018. Gareth Jones
  3. A Year of Great Writing: The Most-Read Editors’ Picks of 2018

    From mental health to writing, these are the posts that have resonated the most with Discover readers.

  4. Writing to Help Others: Four Bloggers on What Pushes Them to Publish

    Why start a blog? For some, the answer is in the positive effect on their readers.

  5. One Panel at a Time: Illustrating Mental Illness at Depression Comix

    At Depression Comix, artist Clay Jonathan explores life with mental illness.

    Comic (from #182) by Clay Jonathan, Depression Comix.
  6. “With Photography There Is No Stigma”: Turning a Lens on the Challenges of Mental Illness

    At Broken Light Collective, a community of artists thousands strong support one another in using photography to cope with mental illness.

  7. Sam Dylan Finch on Being Vulnerable, Creating a Supportive Space, and Going Viral

    A conversation with Sam Dylan Finch, a transgender writer and activist who blogs about queer and bipolar topics.

    Illustration by Jessica Krcmarik