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  1. “We will not wake up with hangovers and crock pots full of black eyed peas and feel suddenly settled or resolved, there will be no obvious solutions to our problems. No matter how resolute we may be, the date on the calendar is not an enabler.”

  2. Art
  3. A girl’s story

    “But the boy had not been able to stop giving away the pieces of his heart, you see. And he had run out. There were none left to share with the girl.” A sad (and true) tale of depression, adultery, and divorce, made all the more moving for its simple storytelling style.

    Mental Health
  4. Undocumented, Unafraid, Unapologetic…Depressed

    “The fear of deportation never leaves our thoughts. Some of us might be protected under DACA, but our loved ones are still at risk.” Life in the US as a DREAM Act beneficiary — with parents still undocumented.

    Current Events
  5. Born Again Minimalist

    Lifestyle blogger Caitlin has been writing about mindfulness, mental health, and finding and promoting greater focus since 2012, with posts on fashion, food, fitness, and more.

  6. No Face

    “I cannot mask, change, morph, or cloak my disease like a flaw in a painting. All I can do is give it a shape without a face.” How one fiction writer with depression turns his mental health challenges into monsters.

  7. Ruby Pipes

    Personal, vulnerable creative nonfiction and poetry from Ruby Pipes, a recovering alcoholic, bipolar sufferer, and beautiful writer.

    Mental Health
  8. Mother and Daughter: An (In)Complete History of (Almost) Suicide

    “Suicide was not a ‘truth’ I held dear. . . . With help and effort, I have learned to distinguish between my own, actual beliefs and that other voice that is just a misfire occurring in my brain.” Amy Bee discovers that she doesn’t want to die.

  9. The Renegade Press

    Chris Nicholas is a popular blogger and fiction author based in Brisbane, Australia. At The Renegade Press, he publishes posts and longer essays on the joys and struggles of writing and blogging.

  10. Passing Time

    “I needed my sobriety to stand on its own, rather than ebbing and flowing with the tides of my fickle faith.” An unflinching essay on religion, self-image, and the writer’s complicated path out of addiction.

  11. An Open Letter To Amanda Lauren From Someone ‘Beyond Help’

    “You celebrated the death of a mentally ill person. In doing so, you told people everywhere, ‘Some people with mental illness are better off dead.’” Sam Dylan Finch responds to a woman who writes that the death of an old friend was a blessing.

    Mental Health
  12. One Panel at a Time: Illustrating Mental Illness at Depression Comix

    At Depression Comix, artist Clay Jonathan explores life with mental illness.

    Comic (from #182) by Clay Jonathan, Depression Comix.
  13. “The notion that either of us could be lost between the couch cushions was absurd. We weren’t lost. We were Courageous Women Leading Extraordinary Lives!”

    Mental Health
  14. Depression Comix

    Illustrator Clay Jonathan explores the daily struggles of living with mental illness through his drawings at Depression Comix.

    Jonathan Clay Depression Comix
  15. I don’t believe in “self care” (and it should be obsolete)

    How much of self-care is taking true responsibility for our health, and how much is capitalism-driven consumerism? A call for “community care” from a mental health activist.

    Mental Health