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  1. California

    Amanda Fletcher on her mother’s suicide: “I will never be free of her dying. Even here in Los Angeles — two, ten, fifteen years later and three-thousand miles apart — I am still on my knees in the closet with the door pulled closed, clutching a piece of yellow lined paper.”

    Photo by NFarmer CC-BY SA 2.0
  2. Authors Talk: Randon Billings Noble

    In this podcast, author Randon Billings Noble discusses her essay “The Sparkling Future, the Eternal Present” and how older work can continue to have value for readers. “The writer might no longer be the same person by the time the writing is published, but its message can still be relevant to those who read it.”

  3. transcribingmemory

    Tour history at transcribingmemory, where Angie Scarfe shares passages and reflections from the journals of her 98-year-old grandmother.

    Image courtesy of Angie Scarfe
  4. On not writing Christmas cards

    Helen Hayward on not writing Christmas cards: “I’ve always struggled to describe an entire year in a hundred words inside a Christmas card. I find it even harder this year. Because this year it’s clear to me that my life isn’t going to plan.”

  5. Looking Back on Thirty Years in the Warehouses of Oakland

    “This marginal life, this DIY life: in it, they created themselves. We created ourselves. This is why spaces like this matter more than ever now, as gentrification scours the creative life out of Oakland.” Kaya Oakes reflects on the Ghost Ship fire that killed 36 people in December 2016.

  6. Lee Martin

    Browse the website of novelist and memoirist Lee Martin — author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist The Bright Forever — which includes blog posts, info on news and events, and more.

    Photo courtesy of Lee Martin
  7. Home

    “India and I are like childhood sweethearts. We’ve moved on to different things, but there’s a special corner in our hearts for each other. I don’t have to choose. Both India and the US are home.” In this piece on family and India, Hema Nataraju reflects on the meaning of home.

  8. Things I Never Told Her

    At Granta, Marian Ryan pens a longform essay on rationalizing abuse, the vulnerability of the body, the failures of compassion, and being stalked on Facebook.

  9. Of Farmers and Fathers

    Jennifer Bowen Hicks reflects on mentors, likely and unlikely: “My life is filled with farmers…My farmers turned out to be writing teachers, people who’ve opened a gate, ushered me in, and inhabited my life however briefly, without DNA, without obligation.”

    Photo by Bryan Wilkins
  10. Movement: A Prose Poem

    In Leeza Petrov’s short poetic memoir, life zooms by from one address to the next, and childhood, friendship, and love leave marks both subtle and vivid.

  11. The Musical Map Of The United States

    It’s a “chart of human experience, unearthed through music.” Brooklyn Magazine presents a musical map of the United States, with a personal essay to accompany each representative song.

  12. In-Depth Stories: Five Longform Features to Save for the Weekend

    A roundup of some of the best longform storytelling recently published on WordPress.

  13. The Brevity Podcast Episode #1

    The Brevity Podcast is now on the air! The first episode features interviews and readings from bestselling author Dani Shapiro and Brevity author and Pushcart Prize nominee Thaddeus Gunn.

    brevity podcast
  14. Mansfield and Me: Sarah Laing on Comics, Her Graphic Memoir, and New Zealand

    Acclaimed New Zealand fiction writer and comic artist Sarah Laing chats about her graphic memoir, Mansfield and Me.

    Photos and artwork in this post are courtesy of Sarah Laing, Let Me Be Frank.
  15. The Men from Town

    Memoir by Ryan Van Meter: “This is the first time I’ve heard my brother make language do something surprising, and I smile because I know that he doesn’t realize his words are beautiful.”

    Photo by Donald Macauley CCBY SA 2.0