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  1. CMOS Shop Talk

    At the Shop Talk blog, the editors and staff of the Chicago Manual of Style bring clarity, education, and amusement to anyone who works with words.

  2. George Lakoff

    The blog of George Lakoff, professor of cognitive science and linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley and author of the influential book on how language influences public policy, Don’t Think of an Elephant.

    By Benh Lieu Song (CC BY-SA 2.0)
  3. Proof Perfectly

    Language lovers, rejoice — Proof Perfectly, the personal site of proofreader Sara, features posts on writing, grammar, and the art of editing.

  4. Brian est dans le cuisine.

    “Brian is in the kitchen.” But who is Brian, and why is he always in the kitchen? A funny take on a classic language-learning phrase.

  5. Two Erasure Poems by Amanda Oaks

    “with eyes / so soft & / wandering / my claws / spill / wicked words.” (From an erasure poem by Amanda Oaks.)

  6. An Etymology Goes “Rogue”

    Follow along as John Kelly examines the etymology of the word “rogue,” in honor of the release of the new Star Wars film, Rogue One.

  7. Adventures in Immersion

    On learning to speak French: “When you hear that sweet wobbly French from a tentative little face, the joy is nothing you have to manufacture. They understand! And they are understood. And that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to share with someone.”

  8. Once upon a time, public profanity was a rarity, but that’s long behind us.

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  9. Brood: A Video Word Review

    “Brood” gets a ten out of ten from James Harbeck in this video word review. “Brooding is the yeast in the bread of discontent.”

    Video by James Harbeck
  10. The Place Where My Spirit Breathes

    “Don’t bother writing the words down. Just listen. You’ll remember.” Joi Arcand reflects on learning Cree.

  11. On Similes and Empanadas

    Pastry chef and food writer Frances Leech reflects on learning, muscle memory, and the practical poetry of recipe language.

  12. My Mystery Malady

    Ruth at Talk Foreign to Me moved to Dakar to work and become proficient in French. In these personal musings, she comes down with a mystery fever and navigates the Senegalese medical system in French.

  13. About Words

    At About Words, the official Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog, language lovers can find posts on new words, etymologies of trending buzzwords, and discussions of grammar and slang.

  14. Native: An Interview with Arab-Israeli Author Sayed Kashua

    At REORIENT, Sarah Aziza engages Sayed Kashua in a wide-ranging conversation on identity, exile, and being an Arab author writing in Hebrew.

  15. What the $@#%: Two Editors on Blogging About Swearing

    At Strong Language, editors Stan Carey and James Harbeck blog about swearing.

    Images by James Harbeck