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  1. “I know so many of them are fighting very hard to be heard. I hope they keep fighting. I hope they never give up. I believe there will be a day when all girls have the same freedom that I have. I just hope that day comes soon.”

  2. “The truth is there is no one to blame for the demise of newspapers… The entire linchpin of the newspaper business model was controlling distribution, and when that linchpin was obliterated by the Internet, it was inevitable that the entire apparatus would collapse.”

  3. Once upon a time, public profanity was a rarity, but that’s long behind us.

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  4. “Maybe I should just quit. Stop talking about diversity, just shut up about it. Go back to coding. I like building products better than being a broken record about diversity anyways.”

  5. But saying Spotlight is “about” the awesomeness of investigative journalism is like saying The Lord of the Rings is “about” the long-distance walking stamina of hobbits. Journalism is the film’s tool, its entryway into a cave that contains something much bigger, much darker…

  6. But more importantly, it’s our fault — the audience — for falling into the trap so obviously set for us: rather than taking time and thinking critically about the images we are delivered on a mass scale, we’ve accepted that a knee-jerky, short-form response is more suitable and more powerful.

  7. Documentary is not a word used to describe scenes in which you ask family, such as cousins, lovers, friends or fixers and others in your employ to act as props and set things up for you as they might occur in real life. Documentary means waiting for it to occur in real life.

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