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  1. Humbled: You Keep Using That Word

    “For the love of Merriam-Webster, don’t hide your happiness behind a thin veil of humility.” Blogger Lily Zacharias in a fun post about the rampant abuse and overuse of the word “humbled” in our social media feeds.

  2. Looking Bad is the New Looking Good

    What’s up with making glamorous models look miserable, hostile, and greasy? ML Philpott at I Miss You When I Blink envisions the creative meetings for fashion ads.

  3. When To Hug Someone: Life’s Greatest Mystery

    “Despite thousands of years of struggling with hug protocol, scientists have yet to unlock its deepest most powerful mysteries.” Matt Posky at You Monsters Are People discusses the art of hugging — with comics included.

  4. Complete Taxonomy of Engagement Photo Poses

    “I can confidently categorize all of the most clichéd kinds of pre-wedding portraits.” The blogger at The Marrying Kind compiles a hilarious photo album of couple and engagement snapshots.

  5. Great Mistakes in English Medieval Architecture

    Uhh, we don’t need a vaulting shaft there

    Oh, whoops


    I’ll just, like, cover it up with some leaves, no one will notice

    Good job

  6. A Narcissist Writes Letters, To Himself

    “Recently, I’ve made the decision to stop hating myself so much,” writes Eric Wong. “However, like trying to quit smoking cigarettes, self-loathing and self-pity are addictive.” On this blog to practice self-love, you’ll find poems, humor, and more.

  7. An Unhelpful Guide to Wagner’s Ring

    In case you can’t spare 18 hours to listen to Wagner’s Ring Cycle, Jonathan Healey (hilariously) summarizes all you need to know about these long, helmet-filled operas.

  8. I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog

    Katherine Fritz is in her twenties. She lives in Philadelphia. She writes this blog, and she really hopes her mom doesn’t read it. (But if she did, she’d find a sharp wit and astute cultural critic.)

  9. 15 Mid-Century Modern Dream Homes that Will Kill Your Children

    Warning: mid-century modern architecture is designed to kill your children. A hilarious look at 15 dangerous dream homes, courtesy of Projectophile.

  10. How Fast is Exponential Growth? (Or, Yao Ming Confronts the Vastness of the Universe)

    In this older post we wanted to resurface, Ben Orlin at Math with Bad Drawings explains linear versus exponential growth — with the aid of his mediocre drawings and quirky comparisons.

  11. The Men of Are You Serious?

    “And how are you going to find someone who is career-driven and is family-oriented and is beautiful who also has time to play sports as an adult and like hike around all the time and wrestle alligators?” Lisa Barnard calls out the men on for their unrealistic dating expectations.

  12. Peas and Cougars

    Says Peas and Cougar author Rae, “If real life were a cartoon, I would be a triangle, which is probably better than being a square.” We love how much humor and punch her simple line-drawings pack.

  13. The Annual

    The blog of humor bimonthly The Annual, featuring podcasts, magazine excerpts, interviews, and bonus features.

  14. Long Awkward Pause

    A satirical online magazine and podcast series covering everything from pop culture to food to music to dating. “We do not cover Popsicle stick crafts or related hobbies, 18th century British literature, or international donkey racing. Sorry.”


    A writer ready to take on the world with only some wit, a handful of toy dinosaurs, and mucho oregano. Expect essays, nostalgia, and humor. Note: writer is not actually a pizza.