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  1. Awesomely Luvvie

    Popular humorist Luvvie Ajayi has been blogging for over 13 years. On Awesomely Luvvie, she skewers all things pop culture. “I thoroughly enjoy doling out side-eyes and there is never a shortage of people and foolishness to judge.”

  2. An Open Letter To My Alternate Password

    Katie Hoffman expresses her love for her second password: “You’re the special one, with your nonsensical combination of symbols, numbers, and upper- and lowercase letters. Do you know how many times I’ve clicked, ‘Forgot my password,’ and entered my mother’s middle name and the city I was born for you?”

  3. Scott Woods Makes Lists

    Scott Woods is a librarian, author, poet, and critic who runs one of the most successful poetry open mics in the American Midwest. At Scott Woods Makes Lists, he compiles lists, writes mostly as a satirist, and comments on current events, popular culture, and other issues.

  4. Penguins, Broccoli and the Secret of Blogging

    Every blogger might occasionally feel stuck for ideas. In this post, Bun Karyudo takes us on a hilarious journey through a recent bout of writer’s block. (Spoiler alert: there’s a happy ending!)

  5. Wrong Hands

    Wrong Hands is the site of Canadian artist and cartoonist John Atkinson.

  6. Cartoonist Drew Dernavich on Humor, Craft, and Drawing for The New Yorker

    A conversation with award-winning cartoonist Drew Dernavich, who was involved with two book projects recently, including his first children’s book.

  7. Food for the Thoughtless

    If you sent David Sedaris to culinary school, you might end up with someone a bit like Michael Procopio — a writer with a keen eye for the foibles of humanity, a knack for blending humor and pathos, and a killer recipe for pork chops and applesauce.

  8. “For a time I felt like the unhappiest guy in the world, using all sorts of drugs to cope with the simple reality I had yet to find: That everyone hurts. Everyone is dealing with something. Yes, it took a show on HBO to teach me that. It was Garry Shandling’s show.”

  9. Depression Comix

    Illustrator Clay Jonathan explores the daily struggles of living with mental illness through his drawings at Depression Comix.

    Jonathan Clay Depression Comix
  10. 34 Reasons to Stop Writing Forever

    Author Nathaniel Tower just turned 34 — which is the perfect moment for any non-bestselling writer to enumerate their (hilarious) shortcomings and spectacular failures.

  11. Tabula Candida: Doodles of a Distracted Historian

    The world’s most erudite stick figures skewer culture, academia, philosophy, history, and more in these doodles from a history teacher.

  12. Dear Ovaries: Thanks, But Your Work Here Is Done

    Toddler Mama is pregnant for the second time — so her brain decided to write an open letter to her ovaries, with choice words for the former’s zeal. The message: “your services will no longer be needed.”

  13. Can Comedy Be Comfortable? One Question, Seven Humorists

    Seven humorists weigh in on a single question: can comedy be comfortable?

    Photo by This Year's Love, (CC BY-SA 2.0).
  14. Go Fug Yourself

    From celebrity fashion disasters to close readings of award-show politics, Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks have perfected the art of smart and snarky red carpet commentary.

  15. Humbled: You Keep Using That Word

    “For the love of Merriam-Webster, don’t hide your happiness behind a thin veil of humility.” Blogger Lily Zacharias in a fun post about the rampant abuse and overuse of the word “humbled” in our social media feeds.