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  1. When life gives you hospital beds, find your inner balconies

    “When life gives you / hospital beds, / turn those / sunlit windows / into your / inner balconies / instead.”
    Christy Bharath meditates on life in India, post-surgery.

  2. Taking a Trip Through Love Canal: The Residuum

    “That’s where we are at. As a society, our bodies and minds are in such a poor condition that we cannot touch our proverbial toes—we cannot control ourselves, yet we want to control something outside of ourselves.” Jack Caseros on environmental contamination, not climate change, as our most pressing environmental issue.

  3. I Hate Running

    “I have three different pairs of shoes I hate running in. Every time I run, I pick one pair, and I go out and run in them, and I enjoy it about as much as I enjoy brushing my teeth in the morning, except running lasts way longer.”

  4. Look

    Ruby Pipes comes to terms with a relapse after three years of sobriety: “Yet I continue forward. Despite my current inability to see why. Though I feel I don’t deserve it and it doesn’t matter anyway.”

  5. Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

    Amy learns to let go of the futile quest for “perfect” and instead embrace intuition and uncertainty: “Some steps are wobbly and small. Others are strong and purposeful. But they are all steps forward, no matter how they land.”

  6. “We’re all pointing in different directions. I’d like to think I know where True North is, but with so many others’ fingers extended, jabbing all over the place, how can I be sure?”

  7. It’s Not Just Muscles I’m Growing, Here

    “Numbers do not tell you, or me, or anyone else, my worth, they are simply numbers, and the one on my scale is no different, and that’s what my sports have done for me.” Powerlifter Stephanie reflects on how sports have given her much more than physical fitness.

  8. Rural Realities of Repealing the ACA

    “I mourn the loss of possibility, of promise, of our pursuit of happiness.” A couple, both insured through the Affordable Care Act, contemplates the loss of insurance and the loss of the life they’d hoped to have.

  9. My ancestors survived colonization and all I got was this lousy eye twitch

    A medical condition requiring botox sends the author — a young indigenous woman — deep into an unfamiliar, unwelcoming space: a cosmetic surgery office.

  10. And, now, for the weirdest medical diagnosis ever.

    With humor and insight, Carol J. Pardun writes about the rare swallowing disorder she was diagnosed with — and what she’s learned from the process about herself and what she wants the next year to look like.

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  12. The Love of a Thousand Muskoxen: Grieving a Love Lost to Time and Sickness

    Years after spending a romantic month alone with a young photographer, Stephanie Land learns of his crippling chronic disease — and gets a glimpse of how much she meant to him.

  13. Jamison Writes

    Jamison Hill, once a self-confessed exercise addict, has been unable to leave his room for the past two years. At Jamison Writes, he blogs about living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  14. The Man Behind the Tree

    On why we need to talk about rape and sexual assault: “Though our experiences may vary; the bond of terror is singular.”

  15. Born Again Minimalist

    Lifestyle blogger Caitlin has been writing about mindfulness, mental health, and finding and promoting greater focus since 2012, with posts on fashion, food, fitness, and more.