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  1. My ancestors survived colonization and all I got was this lousy eye twitch

    A medical condition requiring botox sends the author — a young indigenous woman — deep into an unfamiliar, unwelcoming space: a cosmetic surgery office.

  2. And, now, for the weirdest medical diagnosis ever.

    With humor and insight, Carol J. Pardun writes about the rare swallowing disorder she was diagnosed with — and what she’s learned from the process about herself and what she wants the next year to look like.

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  4. The Love of a Thousand Muskoxen: Grieving a Love Lost to Time and Sickness

    Years after spending a romantic month alone with a young photographer, Stephanie Land learns of his crippling chronic disease — and gets a glimpse of how much she meant to him.

  5. Jamison Writes

    Jamison Hill, once a self-confessed exercise addict, has been unable to leave his room for the past two years. At Jamison Writes, he blogs about living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  6. The Man Behind the Tree

    On why we need to talk about rape and sexual assault: “Though our experiences may vary; the bond of terror is singular.”

  7. Born Again Minimalist

    Lifestyle blogger Caitlin has been writing about mindfulness, mental health, and finding and promoting greater focus since 2012, with posts on fashion, food, fitness, and more.

  8. Once Upon An Alcoholic

    Barbara H. Knowles reflects on 31 years of sobriety: “In my family, people were categorized as drinkers (normal people) and non-drinkers (odd people). ‘They seem nice enough, but they aren’t drinkers.’”

  9. Thirty On Tap

    At Thirty On Tap, sisters-in-law Kate and De create “the lifestyle blog that feels like a conversation with your best friend.” Join them for fashion, fitness, food, lifestyle, entertainment, and a healthy dose of girl talk.

  10. “So, while the lobby of the cancer center is probably one of the most depressing places on the planet, it’s also one that gives me an odd sense of comfort.”

  11. Camp Radiation

    This moving essay by Nina Riggs focuses on the everyday details of life while being treated for cancer — like sending your kids to “Cancer Camp.”

  12. I Think, I Ran

    “And then before too long I’m walking again, heading out of the woods back into the world with all its noise and chaos and a little bit of silence tucked into my back pocket.” Sheila Moeschen reflects on her weekly run.

    Photo by Krista Stevens
  13. Love makes you fat 

    “But you know what? I have achieved more with this body, then I have with my old body. I’ve eaten more good foods. I’ve lived more, I’ve given more, I’ve enjoyed more. I’ve made life. This body, THIS body should be celebrated and admired.” Laura at The Mum on the Run shares her victory story.

  14. Tattoo Therapy: The Catharsis of Being Tattooed

    Tattoos can be an artistic choice — or a therapeutic one. Magdalene Bedi explores how the aesthetics and the pain of tattoos help their bearers move through eating disorders, mental health challenges, cancer, and more.

  15. Beyond Good and Evil (Food)

    “Why do we moralize so much about foods and our relationships to them?” At Fit is a Feminist Issue, a philosopher argues against the connection we make between eating choices and morality.