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  1. Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

    Australia-based film buffs Jordan and Eddie are prolific movie reviewers, sharing their takes on new releases and classics alike.

  2. Screen Rant

    Screen Rant is one of the web’s biggest independent sites for entertainment news, reviews, and features, catering to casual watchers and movie and television buffs alike.

  3. Typeset In The Future

    For lovers of sci-fi movies and typography, Dave Addey dives deep into the world of fonts and on-screen texts in classics of the genre like Alien and Blade Runner.

  4. Zorki Photo

    Stephen Dowling, a New Zealander living in London, shares his passion for film photography and analogue adventures around the world.

  5. Cardboard Box Office

    Lily, Leon, and baby Orson re-create iconic movie scenes with junk they find around the house. Each meticulously staged scene is made entirely of “everyday household items, toys, cardboard, and three individuals slowly losing their sanity.”

  6. The Bias

    Annalee and Natalie are two geeks dedicated to diversity and inclusion in tech, science fiction, fantasy, books, games, comics, movies, and fandom. Expect sharp feminist analysis from an activist point of view.

  7. Deadline

    At Deadline, a VIP site, you’ll find Hollywood and media news and commentary.


    From Tangier to Tehran, REORIENT is a magazine celebrating Middle Eastern arts and culture, featuring interviews with creators and in-depth forays into local music, film, and contemporary art scenes across the region.

  9. Consequence of Sound

    Consequence of Sound: your online home for music, film, and festival reviews along with pop culture features and longform columns.

    Photo by g3Tography CCBY
  10. Jon Negroni

    You’ll find film critic and Pixar theorist Jon Negroni at SlateMashable, The Huffington Post, and his own site,, where he writes about movies, animation, and culture.

  11. Heather Matarazzo

    The personal blog of actress Heather Matarazzo, who has honest and refreshing takes on Hollywood and the film industry, identity, and more.

  12. Same Page Team

    Daniel Reynolds, Chris Dagonas, and Dan Grant — three self-styled “Gentlemen of Toronto” — lead a team of contributors writing about sports and pop culture.

  13. We Minored In Film

    Kelly Konda’s passion for both the big and small screens comes through loud and clear in every insightful and considered post and review.

  14. Geekritique

    Dakota Lopez loves all things geek — movies, television, comics, and anime — and he reviews them lovingly on the cleverly-named Geekritique.

  15. Independent Ethos

    Lovers of all things vinyl and celluloid, Hans and Ana Morgenstern celebrate the independent artists who push the boundaries of their crafts, and the not-yet-forgotten media they use.