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  1. Travels with My Art

    Art, sketches, and images by Ali Dunnell, an artist, photographer, and teacher living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

  2. At the Edge of the Old World

    “I realised you cannot simply leave the desert behind.” James Dee Clayton documents his transformative time in Senegal in an extensive collection of photographs.

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    Photo by Joshi Daniel
  6. The Geography of Connection

    “There’s a lot happening in the world right now that would lead us to believe how disconnected we are from each other — but if this map says anything, I believe it’s that connection is real, alive, and important to us all.” Candace Rose Rardon illustrates a map of her readers’ travel stories.

    Map by Candace Rose Rardon
  7. Lebanon, USA

    Lebanese photographer Fadi BouKaram started a five-month road trip that will take him to every American town named after his home country. Follow his adventures at Lebanon, USA.

  8. Amsterdive

    Amsterdam-based actress Ana V. Martins shares personal musings and reflections on city life, with tips for visitors and locals alike.

  9. sqwabb

    Reporting from the streets of Vancouver, Canada, Stanley Q. Woodvine writes about the challenges of homeless life, as well as on personal interests like anime and computers.

  10. Life, Photography, and Other Mistakes

    On the blog of artist and photographer John Smith, you’ll find daily featured snapshots, from portraits to landscapes taken all over the world.

  11. The Grizzlies of The Great Bear Rainforest

    “This creature isn’t the stuff of nightmares or the villain of adventure movies. It is an extraordinarily beautiful animal, struggling to survive in an overcrowded world.” David at Incidental Naturalist travels to British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest in search of grizzly bears.

  12. Afros y Paella

    Initially a travel blog about a Black and African woman navigating life in Spain, Nneka Okona’s Afros y Paella has evolved into something larger: a space exploring how travel can be transformative.

  13. Lisbon in twelve years, twelve pictures, twelve stories

    Verne at Jules & Verne writes about Lisbon, Portugal — the city he’s lived in for 12 years. Fittingly, he weaves 12 accounts with 12 accompanying pictures and popular Portuguese sayings from these 12 years in and around Portugal’s capital.

  14. Exploration
    Stephen Blythe-Japan a Trois
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