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  1. Math with Bad Drawings

    “Math, teaching, copious metaphors, and drawings that will never ever earn a spot on the fridge.” Welcome to the blog of Ben Orlin, which blends mathematics, humor, and really bad drawings.

  2. Make Wealth History

    On his blog, UK-based writer Jeremy Williams publishes on sustainability, global inequality, and the need to “use less, want less, and be more generous” to protect our planet and its inhabitants.

  3. mathbabe

    At mathbabe, Cathy O’Neil vents about quantitative issues. She’s the author of Weapons of Math Destruction, which was longlisted for a National Book Award in 2016.

  4. Our World In Data

    Explore empirical data that charts the history and development of human civilization at Max Roser’s site, Our World in Data.

    Image by dirkcuys CC-BY SA 2.0
  5. Cathy O’Neil on the Cold Destructiveness of Big Data

    Data scientist Cathy O’Neil comments on how algorithms — “under the guise of math, fairness, and objectivity — reinforce and magnify the old biases and power dynamics that we hoped they would eliminate.”

    Photos by Johnny Simon (Quartz)
  6. The Baseline Scenario

    Launched in 2008, The Baseline Scenario explains the key issues in the global economy and develops concrete policy proposals. Authored by Peter Boone, Simon Johnson, and James Kwak, the blog has been cited by every major publication covering economics and finance.

  7. 2016 Election Day: Live Blog

    Live coverage and results of the 2016 Election at FiveThirtyEight, including the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the race for control of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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  8. The Gone Girl With The Dragon Tattoo On The Train

    “I was curious about more than just how often ‘girl’ books appeared; I wanted to understand who was writing these books, and the fate of the ‘girl’ in the title.” Exploring today’s book titles, Emily St. John Mandel asks: “Who are these girls? Why are there so many of them?”

  9. Underestimating the Density of the Fog

    “The great baseball writer Roger Angell said that traditional baseball people didn’t want anyone to shine any light in the darkness of baseball. But the sports analytics guys did and, today, every MLB team and, indeed, every major professional sports team uses analytics.” An epically long read on baseball analytics.

  10. A Very Mathy Yarn

    At Social Mathematics, Shannon Paper-Negaard guides us through the process of making a shawl and talks about two of her favorite things: knitting and math.

  11. Stats, Stats, and More Stats: Sites for Your Daily Dose of Data

    To celebrate World Statistics Day, here are 10 blogs and websites dedicated to data.

  12. “Will we need certifications for neural networks as fit for driving a car or flying a plane? Will an algorithm have to get a driver’s license? Will we trust the creators of the algorithms to not game that testing system?”

  13. The Ultimate Data-Driven Guide To Weddings

    At FiveThirtyEight, Walt Hickey commissioned a poll to solve, once and for all, the thorniest wedding-etiquette conundrums (including plus ones, who to invite, and who’s expected to pay).

  14. Princeton Election Consortium

    For the politics- and stats-obsessed, Princeton Election Consortium, a site run by Sam Wong since 2004, specializes in poll analysis and data-driven election forecasts.

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  15. The Genetic Computer

    Data storage can be compromised when the physical drives and disks degrade, but what if we could store our increasing quantity of computerized data the way we store human data — in DNA?