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  1. What Do the Web’s Top Food Blogs Have in Common? They’re on WordPress.

    These 13 WordPress food blogs are among the finalists in this year’s Saveur Blog Awards.

    Photo by Jer Chung
  2. Staying Home for the Holidays? You Can Still Eat Your Way Around the World

    Find inspiration in these Saveur Blog Awards-honored sites.

    Ugandan eggrolls, from A Kitchen in Uganda
  3. Food, Art, Memory: Yaansoon’s Mediterranean Fusion

    A spotlight on an illustration portfolio site that channels the textures and flavors of a colorful, diverse region.


    Images from the food illustration portfolio at Yaansoon Illustration + Art.

  4. Happy 11th Blogiversary, Smitten Kitchen!

    “The more you work at it, the closer it gets to what you have in your head.”


    All-butter pie crust. Image by Deb Perelman / smitten kitchen.

  5. Five Food Photography Tips from Cooking Without Limits

    Food photography tips from Gabriela Lupu at Cooking Without Limits.

    Photography by Gabriela Lupu at Cooking Without Limits
  6. Edible Arts and Crafts: Five Festive Party Treats from Glü

    Explore the edible arts and crafts projects at Glü.

    Strawberry rhubarb pie by Glü
  7. Five Summer Recipes from Tending the Table

    Seattle-based food blogger Sasha Swerdloff creates plant-based recipes that support sustainable living and personal well-being.

    Photos of ramps (for a quinoa salad), carrot ginger soup, and red berry almond blondies by Tending the Table.
  8. Recipes, Reviews, and Edible Photography: Eater’s Manifesto

    Eater’s Manifesto is a feast for the eyes and the soul.

    Haddock with Beet Root and Oregano. All photos by Suresh. All rights reserved.
  9. “The More You Work on It, the Easier It Gets”: A Conversation with Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman

    One of the web’s most successful food bloggers talks about her writing voice, holiday cooking, and more.


    All-butter pie crust. Image by Deb Perelman / smitten kitchen.

  10. Celebrating Saveur 2016 Blog Awards Finalists

    From gorgeous cocktails to thoughtful essays, these food blogs are at the top of their game.


    Image by Lauren McDuff at Harvest and Honey.

  11. “Have Your Cake and Draw It Too”: Food Illustrators Reflect on Taste and Memory

    On drawing food as an art — and an emotional process.


    Apple pie drawing by Charlie O'Shields.

  12. Infinite Belly: An Intimate Scrapbook of Life in France, Through Stories and Recipes

    Meet André and Adélaïde Zollinger, the husband-and-wife team behind the gorgeous food blog Infinite Belly.

    Photo of satay-sauced ground turkey burgers, courtesy of Infinite Belly.
  13. Live from Paris: David Lebovitz on Food, France, and Writing

    Veteran food blogger David Lebovitz talks about his beloved adoptive city, Paris, and the challenges and rewards of writing about food.

  14. The Indecisive Chicken: Cooking and Community in India’s Biggest Slum

    In The Indecisive Chicken, Prajna Desai profiles eight women from the Dharavi neighborhood of Mumbai, India, and their contributions to family and society through food.

    Rizwana Qureishi showing the group how to marinade Chicken Biryani. Photo by Neville Sukhia. Image courtesy of The Indecisive Chicken.