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  1. Building an Online Home: A Historical Fiction Writer’s Customized Author Hub

    Novelist Julian Stockwin uses the Profile theme for his personalized author hub.

    The front page of Julian Stockwin's website, which uses the Profile theme.
  2. Building an Online Home: Essayist Melissa Matthewson’s Simple and Effective Front Page

    Melissa Matthewson has a minimal website to showcase her growing archive of writing.

    Photo courtesy of Melissa Matthewson.
  3. Postcards from a Bookshelf: Connecting to Readers with Translated Books

    Each month in 2017, author Ann Morgan will send a translated book to a reader around the world.

    Photo by Ann Morgan.
  4. An Essay Gone Viral: Blogger Stephanie Land on MAID, Her Forthcoming Memoir

    Stephanie Land, the writer at, announces her forthcoming memoir, MAID.

  5. Writers and Artists on Creative Habits, Accepting Self-Doubt, and the Rewards of Perseverance

    Working writers and artists offer advice on inspiration and perseverance.

  6. Shakespeare and Me: Bloggers Share Their Passion for the Bard

    From webcomics and essays to videos, a collection of some of the web’s most engaging Shakespeare-centric blogs.

  7. Author Claire Fuller on Writing Communities and Our Endless Numbered Days

    Author Claire Fuller on how two communities have influenced her writing and her new novel, Swimming Lessons.

  8. The Indecisive Chicken: Cooking and Community in India’s Biggest Slum

    In The Indecisive Chicken, Prajna Desai profiles eight women from the Dharavi neighborhood of Mumbai, India, and their contributions to family and society through food.

    Rizwana Qureishi showing the group how to marinade Chicken Biryani. Photo by Neville Sukhia. Image courtesy of The Indecisive Chicken.
  9. Blogging Bites: On Identity, Narrative, Academia, and More

    A selection of notable conversations and interviews featuring some of our favorite writers on

    Image by Quinn Dombrowski (CC BY-SA 2.0)