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  1. A Moveable Feast: A Brief History of the Revolving Restaurant

    From the archives of J. S. Graboyes’ Duck Pie blog, a look into the origins of an unnecessary-yet-fascinating 20th-century invention.

  2. Oren’s, West 112th Street

    Musician Parker Ramsay ties together architecture, music performance, algebra, punctuation, and coming of age in a lovely personal essay inspired by his time playing the organ in English cathedrals.

  3. Architecture
  4. Capturing the Eerie Beauty of Modern Ruins

    Is there anything spookier than the haunting beauty of abandoned buildings? In time for Halloween, we revisit these gorgeous shots of 20th-century ruins, and the bloggers who devote their time to documenting them.

  5. The Watchers

    “As spectators, silent observers, stoic witnesses, these structures remain mum to impenetrable histories, to generation upon generation of beings, rushing, stirring about, as water runs in a river, always moving, never the same, always the same.” RFOTOFOLIO showcases images of Rome by Liese Ricketts.

  6. Craftsmanship

    Craftsmanship explores the ethos of craftsmanship in its widest sense. The magazine publishes stories about the most interesting people in the world who work intensely with their hands, from famous masters to new creators.

  7. New York’s Elevators Define The City

    “This is a three-dimensional city.” At FiveThirtyEight, Oliver Roeder dives into the fascinating history of New York City elevators using a new database that lists every elevator in town.

  8. Specters in Residence: Gardner & Guggenheim

    Isabella Stewart Gardner and Peggy Guggenheim were collectors of art, keepers of culture, and subverters of paradigms — founders of a different kind of museum. “They inverted traditionally domestic, feminine, enclosed and confining spheres into public and powerful ones.”

  9. Great Mistakes in English Medieval Architecture

    Uhh, we don’t need a vaulting shaft there

    Oh, whoops


    I’ll just, like, cover it up with some leaves, no one will notice

    Good job

  10. 15 Mid-Century Modern Dream Homes that Will Kill Your Children

    Warning: mid-century modern architecture is designed to kill your children. A hilarious look at 15 dangerous dream homes, courtesy of Projectophile.

  11. A Certain Slant of Light Photography

    “I bought my first DSLR in January 2009, and have not looked back since,” writes Wenjie Zhang on his About page. The photographer shoots a variety of subjects, but his favorites are landscapes, architecture, and close-ups.

  12. Where the Sixties Never Stopped Swinging

    Buried in the far reaches of Newfoundland, a once-busy international airport preserves stellar mid-century design — but for how long? Learn more on The Beauty of Transport.

  13. A Forgotten Dream of Progress

    Brutalism, a beleaguered architectural style that many consider the last chapter of modernist design, is enjoying a moment of renewed interest — and even affection. This essay at The Vast Moth-Eaten Musical Brocade explores its background in England, where Brutalist buildings are systematically being torn down and replaced.